Introducing Stanford’s Community Pantry - A Place of Support and Sharing!

We are thrilled to introduce and open our Community Pantry. What is the Stanford Community Pantry, you might wonder?

It's a pantry filled with care, generosity, and essential items right here in our school. Whether you want to contribute or need a helping hand, this is the space to connect.

How it Works:

Give: Have some extra baby supplies, snacks, or essentials? Share them in our pantry for fellow parents. Let's create a nurturing environment together!

Take What You Need: If you find yourself running low on supplies or facing a challenging day, visit the pantry to pick up some essentials. We're here to support each other without judgment.

Location & Access: Our Stanford Community Pantry is conveniently located in the Reception main office. It's accessible 9:00am - 4:30pm, making it easy for you to use when it suits your schedule.

Join us in building a fantastic support system! Share your surplus or receive assistance when you require it. Let's strengthen our parent community, one act of kindness at a time.

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary parent community. Together, we can make life a little easier and more joyful for all our families. #ParentingTogether #SupportingParents #SharingIsCaring

Our Community Pantry has expanded!

Now open on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoon at Stanford Library!

Easter Hampers

Our wonderful Community Pantry and Stanford Trust created Easter hampers for some of our families for the half term holidays. The idea of bringing the family together over food, crafts and a good book! Thank you to The trust in supporting our pantry!!

Christmas hampers

Our Community Pantry and Stanford Trust created Christmas hampers for some of our families for the festive holidays. Thank you to The trust in supporting our pantry!!

Community Pantry

A huge thank you for all the wonderful donations to our community pantry! These items will help any family that may need them…. We will keep you posted when this is up and running. Thank you again for the wonderful support!