Being Healthy

Quality sleep is essential for children’s growth and development. A decent night’s sleep will help them to do better at school, allow them to react more quickly to situations, have a more developed memory, learn more effectively and solve problems, plus it will make them less susceptible to colds and other minor ailments, less irritable and better behaved!
Sleep deprivation causes increased hyperactivity and other behavioural problems, as well as damaging physical and mental development. Poor sleep habits from an early age can lead to long term sleep problems.

☁️Why is sleep important 

Compass GO. NEL Mental Health Support Team Leaflet on sleep and why this is important… Healthy sleep habits and the benefits around this… take a read!

Zowie from Compass Go came a delivered a paent and child workshop on Sleep and worry

'Stanford Menopeer Group' meet together to support each other with the menopause. Some members find they have some trouble sleeping - our wellbeing committee gather and make lavender bags to help release the essential oils which are known to have calming properties. Thank you! We are looking forward to a dreamy sleep!

The National Sleep helpline 

A wonderful free resource that can help parents and children to learn more about their sleep and develop better bedtime routines. Sleep is essential to brain function, by helping children to sleep better, we can help them to succeed in school.

Sports Days

Our amazing refreshments, fresh produce, cakes and ice lollies went down a treat at both our Sports Day… raising over £100! Thank you to all that bought these- we always appreciate your support! 🌟

Pumpkin Class: Compass Go Assembly

Zowie our link worker at Compass Go came to talk to us about the importance of sleep.
I have a bed time routine, I always get a good night’s sleep.
S- I read at night, as part of my routine.
E- You should turn your ipad off one hour before bed, as this will help you sleep.
M- We learnt how to do spaghetti body actions to help us sleep.
Turning the big light off will help me get to sleep.
T- If we don’t get enough sleep it might make us sad and grumpy and it will be hard for us to concentrate.


The Sleep Charity came to Stanford School today to see parents and children regarding sleep.
This exciting outdoor activity event brought together nature and learning to help improve children’s mental health and gave parents/ carers knowledge and understanding on how to improve their child’s sleep.
Children and their parents/ carers also had the opportunity to sign up to join the Primary School My Sleep Journal, an interactive book to learn and have fun with around the subject of sleep.


Here are some links to help our pupils get a high quality sleep. Sleep


We’re not just here for the children – we are here for you too! A good nights sleep is so important to start you off on the right foot so please take a look these links filled with advice on sleep, specifically for adults.