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 Music at Stanford

Music is a real strength of the school. Children enjoy singing, composing and listening to a wide range of music. We place a strong emphasis on practical music making from Foundation all the way up to Year 6. Many opportunities for performing are provided throughout the year. E.g.: Christmas concerts, assemblies, church services and singing festivals.

We aim to give the children unique musical experiences. They have the opportunity to perform alongside children from other schools and experience working with professional or visiting musicians. Mrs. S. Groves, a specialist in World Percussion music offers experiences including; Samba, Taiko and Djembe.

We are unique in that every child in Year 4 learns to play the viola for one year with Mrs. Brady, as part of the Government’s Wider Opportunities Scheme. The children are encouraged to continue their lessons and currently we have 70 viola players in Key Stage 2!

Extra curricular music includes; a school choir, a drum club, string groups and also visiting peripatetic teachers who offer a wide range of instruments for the children to learn.

Music in the community is also important and embraced at Stanford School. The choir, individual classes and instrumental players regularly perform for various community groups in Laceby and its surrounding areas.

Music MarkMusic Mark

We are very proud to have become members of Music Mark. Music Mark is the national subject association for music education.

Music Mark believes in the fundamental right of a first-class music education for all children and young people, in and out of their schools.  As a subject association and membership organisation we:

  • support the development of high quality teaching and learning
  • enhance subject knowledge of music curriculum and effective leadership of music
  • share the good practice and expertise of our membership

We became a member because it has Stanford

  • recognises the value of music education as part of a broad, balanced and relevant school curriculum
  • demonstrates a willingness to engage in the development and improvement of music provision for all children and young people within your school community

Lincolnshire Music Service is an active member of Music Mark and we are delighted our school has been commended by them to join our national membership organisation.

Lincolnshire Music and Arts Education Hub

The ‘Great Get Together'

‘The ‘Great Get Together’ was a great success! All the visitors enjoyed listening to the school choir, classes singing songs, playing the glockenspiels and the violas. Harrison performed his electric guitar too to rapturous applause. Well done everyone for showcasing superb musical talents.

Can I appreciate and understand a range of high-quality live music drawn from different traditions? Can I perform using my voice with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression?

Mrs. Brady surprised Mustard Class with a Friday afternoon of singing and learning new songs with a live band. The class met three local professional musicians; Josie Moon (singer/composer), Pat McCarthy (guitarist/composer) and Warren Jolly (bassist). The band played live music in the hall all afternoon. The class were learning new songs in preparation for a special performance in July at Grimsby Auditorium where they will perform 'A Sea Story' with songs about Grimsby's fishing heritage and Grimsby's future.

Simon- I liked all the songs because they made me think of Grimsby.

Thomas- I liked the idea of thinking what the future might be like in Grimsby.

Dale- I liked seeing the real musicians. I even got their autographs! Evie- The rock song was my favourite because it was enjoyable and energetic.

Olivia- I enjoyed meeting the band.

Mrs. Hackfath- It was truly wonderful to hear live music in our school. I have really enjoyed listening to both the band and the children singing.

Mrs. Brady- The children experienced many different genres of music, including reggae, folk, rock and gospel. They will be looking forward to performing on the stage in the summer.

NEL Key Stage 2 Singing Festival group

Mustard enjoyed the visit and live music from NEL Key Stage 2 Singing Festival group. The pupils enjoyed learning new songs from the songbook, ‘A Fishy Tale.’ Many thanks to the group for helping us learn the songs. We are looking forward to developing our performance skills soon when we join with pupils from other schools to perform at the Grimsby Auditorium.

Mustard Hook Day

Mustard enjoyed their hook day yesterday and the music was brilliant.

Harrison said: 'I absolutely loved learning about the Beatles and singing their songs, because I love 60s music.'
Jorja: 'I think playing the glocks was cool and I enjoyed learning how to play 'Yellow submarine.'

Mustard also produced their own artistic patterns of everyday objects in the style of Andy Warhol.

Can I listen with concentration and understanding?

Poppy Class listened to a special piece of classical music. They discussed how it made them feel and drew pictures to show what they imagined.

Alfie- It reminded me of a parade.
Sam- It sounded a bit stormy when it became loud in the middle.
Kye- I imagined a concert.
Daisy- I would listen to it again. If I was drawing, I might put it on to relax me.

Mrs. Brady explained that the music was from Haydn's Clock Symphony. The children answered questions about the music and listened carefully to identify the instruments.

Have a listen to this piece. Can you explain why it's called The Clock Symphony? What can you hear?

Can I perform operatic songs in a concert?

The KS1 Choir performed at Grimsby Auditorium for the Infant Singing Festival. The concert was led by members of The Garsington Opera Company and many of the children's parents and family members came to watch. The songs were centred around and enchanted fairy story.

Katie- I liked singing. My mum came to watch.

Angel- I liked singing on the big stage.

Amelia- I really liked the 'I am looking for a witch' song.

Lacey- I loved singing the butterfly song.

Alfie- All the costumes were great.

Lily- I danced with the butterfly and the opera man came to look at the butterfly.

Mrs. Brady- The children were mesmerized when they heard the opera singers singing their arias.

Mrs. Groves- It's not every day the children get to perform with a professional opera company. I think they did very well to learn the songs.

Mrs. Wink- The behaviour of all the children was absolutely superb!

Mrs. Brady and Mrs. Groves would like to thank Mrs. Drury for making the beautiful butterfly prop, the children's parents for organising the wonderful costumes and for Mrs. Wink for her help throughout the day

Can I listen carefully to music?

Sunflowers listened to some Peruvian Pan Pipe music and drew pictures as the listened. Mrs. Brady wondered if they would all like the music and they all did. 

Anthony- It reminded me of going into a jungle.
Ella M- It was lovely.
Olivia- It was cheerful and relaxing.
Cerys- It reminded me of playing with my friends and dancing.

Juniper Class: Our Rainforest Musical Poem

In groups we composed music to add to our class rainforest poem.  We practised our parts developing an increased accuracy, fluency, control and expression.  We look forward to sharing this poem with the school and parents in our class assembly on Friday 3rd March.

Rainforest Instruments

Well done Charlie for super home learning designing and making rainforest instruments.

Making Music

In Pumpkin class we have been learning about music. We have learnt that music is written on 5 lines called a ‘stave’. The names of the notes changes according to their position on the lines.

To help up remember this we say this

We have also been learning about the beat/pulse of music and how long different notes last.

We have started to play the Glockenspeil.

When we are learning a song first we learn the pulse by clapping.

Then we sing to learn the notes.

After that we get to play on our instruments.

So far we have learnt 2 notes E and D.

If you look closely you can see the music on the screen.


The KS2 Choir entertained the residents at Cloverdale Residential Home. Everyone enjoyed singing Christmas songs and the residents played along on percussion instruments.

Pre School Christmas Sing-a-long

Children from Seedlings class went to St Margaret’s Pre-school to sing festive songs. There were lots of actions and dancing too.

KS1 Christmas Concert 2016

Mrs Brady and Mrs Lawson would like to say well done to all the lovely Year 1 performers. Your singing was beautiful and you all looked amazing. Here are some photos from our dress rehearsal

Christmas Songs 6 December

Sunflower class entertained their parents and community members at Laceby Library with some great Christmas singing. Many thanks to everyone who came along and joined in with the singing. Thank you to Mrs. Wink for organising it.

'Christmas Counts' Nativity

The children from Seedlings class performed their nativity ‘Christmas Counts’ with great success. Wonderful speaking, singing, dancing and actions. Thank you to parents, Governors, helpers and residents from Cloverdale who came to watch our show. What an amazing performance, enjoyed by everyone! Many thanks for adding Switch off winner too,

Viola Players

Exciting news- Mrs. Brady has 81 KS2 children learning the viola this year!!!!

Well done to Year 5 Group 2, who are learning lots of new pieces and are enjoying carrying on with the viola.

Year 4 Group 2 are enjoying learning the viola. They are able to pizzicato the open strings.

Well done to Year 6 Group 2 viola players who are enjoying learning lots of new pieces. 

Mrs. Brady is delighted that so many Year 5 children have chosen to continue learning the viola. Here are Group 1 who are all very keen and have just started to read musical notation.

Year 4 Group 1 are enjoying learning the viola. Here they are learning the names of the open strings. Their challenge is to think of a phrase to help them remember CGDA, e.g. Can Granny Do Aerobics?!

Here are Group 1 Year 6 Viola players. Mrs. Brady  is delighted with their enthusiasm and the progress they are making this term. Well done everyone!

Christmas Fair

Well done to the Stanford School Choir for their lovely singing at the PTFA Christmas Fair.

LQ: Can I use percussion to create a storm composition?

Barley class worked in small groups to compose and perform a piece of storm music using various percussion instruments. Pupils looked at tempo, rhythm, sounds and texture to work together to create their piece.

' The different percussion instruments changed the sound of the music to link with a storm'

' I really enjoyed this session as I enjoyed making different sounds as a team!'

Taiko Drumming 3 November

The children thoroughly enjoyed the energetic taiko drumming this afternoon.'  It  was hard work, but great fun at the same time.


Sunflower Class had a great time at the Central Hall today.

Ella M- I liked the Central Hall.

Joe- I liked playing all the instruments.

Awis- I played a shaker. Louie E- I liked the singing. I learnt new songs.

Cerys- The factory song made me move my hands and legs.

Betsie- The clapping songs were really good.

Katie- The man on the drums was good.

Mrs. Wink (Governor for Music)- The children were amazing and it was super to see such enthusiastic singing, instrument playing and total involvement.

Mrs. Brady- Well done to everyone, including all the helpers. It was great to make music with professional musicians and sing with all the children from other schools

Harvest Festival

Seedlings Harvest Festival was a great success, with everyone joining in to sing songs, read poems and dance. Reverend Stevens came to say a prayer and give thanks for the food at harvest time. Thank you to everyone who contributed and joined us in our celebration

MacMillan Coffee Morning

For the Macmillan Coffee morning, Sunflower Class sang their favourite songs to their parents, friends and community members. It was the first time they had performed their very own class song which had been written by Mrs. Brady.

She said: 'The children love having their own special Sunflower song. They enjoy singing together and have been really looking forward to this event.'

The children sang 'How Do You Feel Today?' and 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.'

It was great to see the audience joining in with the actions too! Many thanks to Mrs. Wink and all the helpers at the Stanford Centre.

Junior Olympic Singing 12 July

The Key Stage 2 Choir participated in the Junior Singing Festival at Grimsby Auditorium. They performed lots of new songs that had been written to celebrate the Olympics. Mrs Brady and Mrs Groves would like to congratulate all the children for their lovely singing and wonderful behaviour.

First Djembe Lesson 22 June

Poppy Class Year 3 children have their first Djembe lesson.

 Mrs Groves is our Djembe expert.

Can you spot the audience listening and enjoying the first little performance?

Some of the Year 4 children offered a helping hand giving expert advice.

BBC Ten Pieces Artwork 20 June

Mrs Brady introduced ten exciting pieces of classical music to all the children in the school. Everyone was engaged and immersed in the music.

The BBC film 'Ten Pieces' presented the music in a creative way through vibrant action and animation. It took the children on a journey of wonder through its wide range of pieces. Each class looked at one of the pieces in more detail, learning about the Composer and doing further listening and appraising. The children responded by producing exciting art work.

'Mars' from 'The Planets' by Holst had Pumpkin Class drawing with chalk. Seedlings wanted to know more about the story behind the music of 'In the Hall of the Mountain King' by Grieg and they watched a video.

A Night on the Bare Mountain' by Mussorgsky inspired Poppy Class to create volcanoes and scary chalk drawings.

Juniper Class explored Kandinsky style designs whilst listening to 'Short Ride in a Fast Machine' by Adams.

'The Storm Interlude' from 'Peter Grimes' by Britten was analysed in depth and historical and geographical facts were researched by Star Anise Class before they began drawing.

'Symphony No. 5' (1st movement) by Beethoven inspired interesting pencil sketches of the composer by Barley Class.

'Zadok the Priest' by Handel inspired imaginative drawings from Mustard Class.

'The Firebird' (Finale) by Stravinsky inspired Sunflower Class to create vibrant collages of birds.

There are two more pieces, that you might like to listen to at home: 'Horn Concerto No. 4' (3rd movement) by Mozart and 'Connect it' by Meredith.

Poppy Class

The whole school enjoyed the BBC Ten Pieces Concert.


Each class was given one of the pieces to study in more depth.

Poppy Class worked with A Night On The Bare Mountain composed by Mussorgsky. If you would like to find out more on the BBC website.

We thought that the piece was very dramatic and at times even a little scary. We imagined ghostly figures flying through the air, fire and flames dancing fiercely, volcanoes erupting dangerously. Look at all of the different tools and materials that we used and the different effects that we created.

Some children chose to use chalk to create ghostly figures.

Olli added movement by swiping across the chalk. Mrs Wink was amazed by the impact.

Lucy and Owyn are creating volcanoes with chalk, oil-based paint and glue spreaders.

An explosion of colour being blown all around by Daisy.

Furious flames being created by Alfie.

Even when the art is left to dry it looks like an exhibition!

Djembe Assembly

The Year 3 members of Star Anise Class gave a tremendous djembe performance which was led by the talented percussionist, Mrs S. Groves! Mrs Brady was impressed at how quickly the children had grasped the techniques and could perform all the different rhythms together.

Our Governor, Mrs Wink was very impressed:

Just a quick note to say the djembes assembly was stupendous.

I have listened to the children rehearsing in the library. To have achieved such a high standard in 6 weeks is brilliant

Well done children and Mrs Groves and Mrs Brady.

Year 4s showed off their musical skills in a very energetic and enthusiastic Assembly this afternoon.  Well done to all the children involved in this!

Stanford Staff have got talent!

The staff recently received Music training at Whitgift Academy through the Music and Performing Arts Service. 

Lisa Oliver and Emma Middleton (NEL Music Hub) taught the staff to play the Steel Pans, Indonesian Gamelan and Japanese Taiko.

This is what the staff had to say about the day:

Mrs Brady 'There was a great team spirit throughout the day. Everyone gave 100%
and the standard of the pieces we produced were really quite good

Mrs S Groves 'Fab!! Let's do it again please!!'

Mrs W Smith 'I went away with a sense of satisfaction and achievement. In the space
of an hour, our two wonderful instructors took a band of non-musicians and somehow
got them to competently perform on the Taiko and steel drums.

Mrs Cawley 'It was a confidence booster.'

Mrs Wink (Music Governor) who also attended the day, had this to say:

'To see all the staff together enjoying themselves as well as learning a new skill was worth it's wait in gold. I can see the benefit of drumming having a calming effect on some children because I learnt that, instinctively you pick up the beat and it becomes mesmerising. Also great for team building in a classroom.'