Our Vision

Community members, parents, Stanford Trust members, pupils, staff and governors joined together to create Stanford Junior and Infants School Vision. This underpins our aims and values at school.


Our Purpose is:

To educate everyone effectively in a happy, safe, caring and stimulating environment, so that they develop a thirst for knowledge, enabling them to reach their full potential.

We believe:

  • that everyone has the right to a good education
  • that everyone deserves praise and recognition for all their efforts
  • that everyone can be successful in their own right
  • that everyone should have the opportunity to achieve personal success
  • that everyone should be valued and have a sense of belonging
  • that everyone is unique and has their own special gifts
  • that everyone has a right to speak and be listened to
  • that the environment should be stimulating and engaging
  • in an exciting and engaging curriculum
  • in high standards and expectations

We value:

  • being part of a team
  • community and heritage
  • respect
  • our rights and responsibilities
  • a sense of humour and fun
  • the opinions, values and beliefs of others
  • honesty and trust
  • loyalty
  • encouragement
  • motivation and resilience
  • positivity
  • communication
  • effort and achievement
  • kindness and empathy
  • creativity

Our Vision for Stanford Junior and Infants School

Stanford Junior and Infants ensure democracy, responsibility and respect are key sections of our broad and balanced curriculum. Democracy document

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