Stanford School

Stanford Junior and Infant School

Living together - Learning together

Cooper Lane, Laceby, Grimsby
NE Lincolnshire DN37 7AX
Tel. 01472 318003
Contact. Miss King (Business Manager)

Meet our staff

We have some great people working at the school. On this page you can find out who's who and what they do.

Mrs L Hackfath


Mrs Hackfath

Roles: Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, SMSC, Teaching and Learning, Strategy, Finance, Personnel, Premises, Standards, CPD, Safeguarding Lead, Looked After Pupils, Previously LAC pupils, Curriculum

Mrs C Smith

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Smith

Roles: Designated Safeguarding Lead, Year 6 Intervention, Assessment, Maths, KS 2 Lead, Behaviour, Support Staff, Pupil Premium, Sports Premium

Teaching Staff

Miss K Wilson

Foundation Seedlings Blue Class

Miss Wilson

Roles: Foundation Stage

Mrs Cox

Foundation Seedlings Yellow Class

Mrs A Groves

Nursery Nurse, Seedlings Classes

Mrs Groves

Mrs S Brady

Year 1 Sunflower Class

Mrs Brady

Roles: Music, Art, History

Mrs J Smith

Year 2, Pumpkin Class

Roles: KS 1 Lead, English Lead

Miss A Perrin

Years 3 Poppy Class

Miss Perrin

Roles: Computing, MFL

Mrs E Hill

Years 4 Juniper Class

Mrs Hill

Roles: Inclusion Manager - Senco, TAs, Outdoor Learning

Mrs T Amos

Years 5, Star Anise

Mrs Amos

Roles: Science

Mrs K Marsden

Years 5, Star Anise

Mrs Marsden

Roles: SMSC

Mr J Middleton

Year 6 Barley Class

Roles: Geography, RE, PE , Enterprise and Globalisation

Teaching Assistants and Learning Mentors

Mrs S Broddle

Star Anise class

Miss Darell

Mrs J Cooke

Poppy Class

Mrs J Cooke

Mrs J Christie

Sunflower Class

Mrs Christie

Mrs F Fielding

Juniper Class, Learning Mentor

Mrs  Fielding

Mrs A Graham

Pumpkin Class

Mrs Graham

Miss B Graygoose

Pumpkin Class

Miss Graygoose

Mrs S Hopkins

Pumpkin class

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs A Hulme

Juniper Class, The Club lead

Mrs Hulme

Mrs J Lawson

Juniper Class

Mrs J Lawson

Mrs J Jones

Barley Class, Learning Mentor

Mrs R Petyt

The Club lead

Mrs Petyt

Mrs T Gould


Mrs Gould

Administration Team

Miss D King

Business Manager, EVC

Miss King

Mrs L Toyne

Administrative Assistant

Mrs Toyne

Amy Gowshall

Administrative Assistant

Amy Gowsall

Site Team

Mr P Hodson, Site Custodian

Mr Hodson

Mrs J Drury

Mrs Drury 

Miss M Watkinson

Miss Watkinson

Mrs S Chapman

Mrs S Chapman

Sophie Dobbs

Sophie Dobbs

Lunchtime Team

Mrs T Anderson, Retail Assistant

Mrs Anderson

Miss A Birkett, Retail Assistant

Miss Birkett

Mrs S Broddle


Mrs S Broddle

Mrs J Christie, PYPS Lead

Mrs Christie

Mrs V Douglass

Mrs Douglass

Miss B Graygoose


Miss Graygoose

Mrs S Hopkins

Mrs Hopkins

Mrs A Hulme

Mrs Hulme

Mrs M Jenkinson


Mrs Jenkinson

Mrs J Lawson

Mrs J Lawson

Mrs R Petyt


Mrs Petyt

Other Staff

Educational Welfare Officer

Local Authority Team as required