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Community and Enterprise

Christmas Dinner 8 December

Stanford enjoyed their Christmas Dinner today – the kitchen provided lovely Christmas dinners for the pupils. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the builders from the school’s roof project and the Asset Team attended along with school governors. Year 6 pupils played the guitar and drums to entertain the visitors. Mrs Brady led a Christmas sing-a-long and everyone enjoyed the festive feeling! Thank you everyone for your support.

Advent Assembly

Mr Read led a special Advent Assembly in school and shared stories about the Christmas Rose and the Christmas Lantern. The pupils enjoyed listening to the stories and are looking forward to seeing our Christmas Rose grow. Many thanks Mr Read.

The Nativity

The children from Seedlings class performed their nativity with great success. Wonderful speaking, singing, dancing and actions. Thank you to parents, governors, helpers and residents from Cloverdale who came to watch our show. What an amazing performance, enjoyed by everyone!

Christmas Fayre

Stanford enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Fayre this evening. Thank you for all your support. The pupils designed and created wonderful gifts to sell on their Christmas Market stalls as part of their enterprise learning. For example, there were homemade shortbread biscuits, Christmas lanterns and tree decorations along with marshmallow lollies to choose from! Volunteers and staff helped run the Tombola, the raffle, the refreshments, the cake stall and many other exciting stalls. Also, Santa made a visit to the fayre and the Grotto proved a very popular choice!

We will keep you posted about the funds that have been raised but would like to thank you very much for your time and kind donations. Merry Christmas!

Road Safety Week

Thank you to the community members who supported our Road Safety Week activities. Pupils led workshops all about ‘Keeping Safe on the Roads’ and were inspired by the assembly led by the Ryan Smith Foundation and the workshops earlier in the week led by Mr Cullan , the County Road Safety Officer. The Coffee Afternoon to raise funds for bike helmets was really well attended too. Our Road Safety Committee worked hard to organise these events - thank you for your continued support.

Ryan Smith Foundation Assembly

Debbie from The Ryan Smith Foundation came to talk to pupils about the importance of wearing a helmet. She spoke about Ryan and how his life has changed dramatically, all because he didn't wear a helmet. She used eggs to demonstrate what can happen if a helmet is not worn. It was a very informative assembly and the pupils really enjoyed this.


A parents guide to the new National Curriculum (not Foundation/Seedlngs class). More information can be found on the Rising Stars website

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Christmas Dinner

Advent Assembly

The Nativity

Christmas Fayre

Road Safety Week

Ryan Smith Foundation Assembly

Healthy Flapjacks

Community ICT Workshop

This Week's Library Visit

Halloween Activity


Healthy Tuck Shop

Road Safety Assembly

Road Safety Committee

St Margaret’s Pre-school visit

Macmillan Coffee Morning


Summer Reading Challenge

British Values

Head Boy and Head Girl

Roof Building Project

Blue Clross Charity Raffle

Letters to St James Rotary

Road Safety Sticker Day

Activity Day

Mosque Visit

Singing Festival


Y6 Viola

Sunflower Class Assembly

Pumpkin Class Assembly

Cake Sale

Transition Evening

Music Workshop

Persuasive Letters

Letter to Theresa May

Lifestyle 2017!

Juniper Class Assembly

Raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust

Rounders Competition

Well Done Alice!

Great Community Get Together

Growing up and keeping safe

Water Safety

Voting in our election

Founders Day

Healthy Eating Workshops

Road Safety Sticker Day

Thank You

NEL Key Stage 2 Singing Festival group

Church Trip

Well Done Emily!

Radio Humberside

Stranger Danger

Humberside Fire Service

Sticker Days

Easter Service

KS1 Disco

KS2 Disco


We Care about Our Environment

Pre-school Easter Visit

Police Visit

Sunflower Class Reading Champion

After School Club

Maths Resources

Star Anise Assembly

Healthy Eating

Lovely Leaves

Harry Potter Evening

PE Fun

Sticker Day Campaign

Safer Internet Day



Animal Encounters

Valentine's Crafts

Lorry Safety

RSPB Birdwatch

Community Volunteers

Owl Day

Viginia McLean

Energy Heroes

KS2 Roald Dahl Evening



Healthy Flapjacks

Some pupils in Barley class have got together as a team and has made healthy flapjacks to sell at our weekly Tuck Shop. This is part of a fundraising project to help raise funds for our road safety project. They worked well together as a team, to come up with ideas and make these healthy snacks.

Community ICT Workshop

Our Community ICT Workshop has been very successful and well attended. Pupils supported community members who were keen to develop their ICT skills in an after-school club at school. Pupils explained how to use power point and helped the group develop their understanding. Thank you to the pupils who were the ICT teachers for the evening and to Mr Hawkins for facilitating the event.

This Week’s Library Visit

This week Y5 and Y6 visited the library.

Some people took the opportunity to just have a really good read.

We enjoyed reading alongside one another.

We read aloud to each other and chatted about our books and life experiences.

Halloween Activity

We had a great Halloween activity event this week – pupils enjoyed  ‘Thriller’ style dancing,  pumpkin biscuits,  ghost bananas, ‘severed finger’ hot dogs, lego lanterns,  craft and balloon games! Everyone was smiling and having fun – the behaviour and atmosphere were excellent. We also managed to raise some funds for school  too!


Year 5 pupils took part in the Bikeability scheme to develop their  skills and knowledge to ensure they are safe on the roads

Healthy Tuck Shop

The Healthy Tuck Shop led by the Well Being Team and Year 6 pupils is a real success. Pupils made banana bread and muesli treats to sell. There was also sugar-free fruit jelly and yummy carrot sticks on offer to choose. Year 6 pupils reported lots of positive feedback from customers today who loved the choice of healthy snacks.

Road Safety Assembly

Seedlings, Sunflower and Poppy classes joined together for our road safety assembly led by PSCO Marc Ireland.  The children learnt about ways to keep safe whilst riding their bikes and scooters.   PSCO also talked about the importance of wearing a helmet and what to wear to be seen by other road users.  

Road Safety Committee

Our Road Safety Committee met today to time how long it takes to walk from safe parking areas in Laceby. They will be designing a road safety leaflet for parents and pupils too in order to share the useful information. We have also planned a Fundraising Coffee afternoon on 24.11.17 at 2.00pm to raise funds for bike helmets. We are also looking forward to PCSO Marc Ireland and Mr Cullam from NEL Road Safety Team working with the pupils on road safety issues. Many thanks to the pupils, staff and community members, Mrs Greenbeck, Mrs Metcalf and Mrs Griffiths for their time and support.

St Margaret’s Pre-school visit

Seedlings class showed good sharing and taking turns with children from St Margaret’s Pre-school today. There were lots of fun outdoor activities, singing songs before listening to a story about ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you for your support for the MacMillan Coffee Morning held at Stanford Centre today. The pupils performed lovely songs and poems. Everyone enjoyed the cakes and refreshments. Thank you for your donations towards this worthwhile cause.

Sunflower Class entertained family and friends at The Stanford Centre.

Taylor: I brought some money to buy a cake.
Bella: We sang 'One Potato' and everyone joined in.
Evie: I know someone with cancer and I want to help.
James: We sang our class song again.
Rylea: We got a biscuit, a drink and a cake. It was good there!
Mrs. Wilkinson (visitor): The children were so well behaved and they all sang so well. They all knew what to do. Mrs. Dabb (visitor): Mrs. Brady's class sang beautifully.


The pupils have enjoyed celebrating Harvest. KS 1 and KS 2 pupils have taken part in a Service at St Margaret’s Church and Mr Stevens visited FS stage this morning to lead a special assembly. Well done everyone – the singing was beautiful and everyone performed their poetry and reading with clear and loud voices. Some groups took part in choral speaking really well and Ethan, Head Boy, and Jasmin, Head Girl, introduced the order of service confidently. The Governors who attended agreed that the events were very special. Thank you for all your donations of food which will be going to Harbour Place. Juniper class summed it up perfectly, ‘Lettuce care for one another.’


Thank you Mr Stevens, Mrs Mawer and Mr Read for welcoming our KS 1 pupils to St Margaret’s Church today for the Harvest Service. The singing was beautiful and the children listened very well to Mr Steven’s important message about sharing.
Awis said, ‘I enjoyed the singing.’
Olivia said, ‘ I will remember the chocolate cake – it taught us how important it is to share.’
Isabella said, ‘I like joining in with prayers.
Thanks too to all the staff and Governors who helped with the trip – a very memorable first trip to Church with school for KS 1.

Summer Reading Challenge

Thank you Mrs Wink for leading the Summer Reading Challenge – so many pupils have impressed you with their holiday reading! The pupils received a certificate of congratulations and Juniper class received a set of books – they were the class who had the most reads. Mrs Wink says 1750 books have been read by Stanford pupils over summer from the Stanford Library - wow! Children at Stanford have a great love of reading and we are so proud of them. Well done.

British Values

Councillor Hasthorpe

Councillor Hasthorpe visited school today to lead an assembly about British Values. The pupils listened really well and discussed values, respect, tolerance and equality. Councillor Hasthorpe explained how Parliament works and the importance of us all working together as one big family to make positive changes for the world. Our pupils felt inspired and classes will be doing more follow up learning on this in their SMSC and Philosophy for Children work. Thank you Councillor Hasthorpe for your time and support.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2017

The votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017 is Ethan and Jasmin! Well done to every Y6 pupil that took part, everyone was fantastic!

Roof Building Project

Steve from the County Asset Team visited us to lead an assembly all about the roof building project at school – he talked about the equipment the builders use and the importance of safety. The pupils all listened really well and it seems quite a few family members are working on the roof!

Blue Cross Charity Raffle

Well done to Lily for winning the horse tyre swing in Mrs. Brady's end of term raffle. Mrs. Brady would like to thank everyone who entered the raffle. We raised £55 for the Blue Cross!

Letters to St James Rotary

Sunflower class wrote formal letters to St James Rotary for support with our Friendship Art project. The Rotary Club donated £100 to the school during our  Sunflower Class assembly. Many thanks to Mrs Vaughan and President, Mr Duckworth, for attending and for the generous donation.

Road Safety Sticker Day

We are so pleased with the turn out for our monthly Road Safety Sticker Day – despite a rainy Monday morning we had lots of pupils and families who chose to walk, bike or scoot to school this morning. Well done everyone and thank you for your support. Particular thanks to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Greenbeck and Mrs Metcalf from the Parish Council , Mrs Smith from the Governors along with Head Boy , Connor , and Joe for their support today amongst the rain drops!

Activity Day 2017

Our annual activity day, to raise school funds, was organised by the current and new Year 6 team this year. It was a fantastic day had by all, with all the pupils enjoying the wide variety of activities and stalls, from Candy floss to Tin can alley. We are currently counting the final amount raised... keep looking to see the final total!

Mosque Visit

Year 4s visited the Mosque this morning to learn about Muslim worship and some of their religious festivals, as part of their RE learning.

Mia: 'It was fun and interesting to learn about a different religion and the Arabic language.

James: I enjoyed learning about the leader of the Mosque (Imam) and about the Qur'an (written in Arabic)

Singing Festival

Mustard class had an exhilarating day at the Singing festival, yesterday

Thomas said: 'I really enjoyed singing with a live band and hundreds of other children. It was nerve racking, but I enjoyed it.'

Matthew: ' I really loved the Singing Festival because we got to perform in front of lots of parents. It made me nervous, but I loved it anyway.'

Grace: 'The Singing Festival was amazing! I enjoyed being accompanied by a professional band and performing in front of an audience.'

'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!'

Barley Class had a fantastic day at the seaside- celebrating all their hard work this year! We started off with a game of bowling and then enjoyed our lunch at Oriental Express. After lunch we then went to the beach, where we enjoyed playing in the sand, relaxing and having fun! To finish our jam-packed day, we ended with a cool ice-cream! A fantastic trip enjoyed by all!

Can I read musical notation, rehearse with an orchestra and perform in a concert?

The Year 6 viola players performed in the Megastra School Prom at Grimsby Auditorium. They sang songs, demonstrated 'body percussion' and played very tricky viola parts for the pieces: 'Uptown Funk' and 'The Kraken' (From Pirates of the Caribbean).

Many schools from the local area also took part and so a wide range of musical instruments could be heard. The children were accompanied by The North East Lincolnshire Youth Orchestra. After a morning of intense rehearsals, the children put on a concert for parents.

Mrs. Wink (Music Governor): What an experience for the children to play with a range of instruments by children from local schools as well as the local Youth Orchestra. The music, the behaviour, playing, enthusiasm and enjoyment of our pupils was outstanding. If you ever get a chance to attend one of these concerts go along. Mrs. Brady you are a star for all the time and effort you put in. At last but not least how proud all the musicians made me.

Mrs. Brady: The principal Viola player in the Youth Orchestra, Chloe Brown met all the viola players. She explained to them how she had started learning the viola at Stanford School and told them how much pleasure she was getting from carrying on with it. It was great to see Chloe again. She has progressed into a really great player. I hope some of these children continue learning the viola when they go off to Secondary School.

Mrs. Lawson: It was great to see Mrs. Brady playing her viola in a big orchestra. The children were amazed when she started playing 'We Will Rock You!'

Alice: I really enjoyed it. I think we all played very well. Reenad: I was chosen to lead the actions for 'We Will Rock You'.

Freddie: I had lots of fun at the Auditorium.

Sunflower Class Assembly

Well done Sunflower Class for working so hard and performing so well in your class assembly today. Mrs. Vaughan and Rotary President Mr. Duckworth said that you had put a smile on their faces for the rest of the day.

Mrs. Brady thanked St. James Rotary Club for their kind donation of £100 towards our graffiti friendship mural. The class received some lovely feedback from the audience too:

'Beautiful singing from the children. Lovely to see everyone involved and having fun.'

'Excellent, a lot of hard work by the teacher and pupils, plus it showed the children enjoyed it so much.

' 'Amazing end of year assembly. Lovely to see what the children have learnt.'

'Very good- lovely art work, the children have obviously enjoyed themselves.'

'It was the most wonderful, interesting, fun and exciting assembly. Well done to everyone.'

Pumkin Class Assembly

We are delighted with Pumpkin class who performed a wonderful class assembly today all about their history curriculum – we learnt lots of new facts about Queen Elisabeth 1 and Queen Victoria. The group were smiling and were proud to represent their class in front of the audience. Thank you to the parents and carers who attended and to Miss Perrin for organising the event.

Cake Sale

Well done to the pupils who organised a cake sale in support of ARC – the pupils are very proud to have raised a substantial amount of donations. We were very impressed with the skills the pupils showed in ensuring the event was a success – the group led an assembly, organised posters, wrote letters to each class and were very busy baking! Well done Jessica, Rebecca,  Esmae and DaisyLou.

Transition Evening

We were delighted to welcome parents and carers to our Transition Evening meeting this week. The meeting was informative and shared details about assessment, curriculum, lunches and the organisation of the day.  We are also looking forward to our Home Visits later in the term as ensuring transition is a smooth and positive experience is key. Thank you to Miss Wilson who led the meeting and Mrs Groves and Mrs Christie fof supporting. Many thanks too to the year 6 pupils who attended the meeting to present their views and reflections about Stanford. A very productive meeting.

Music Workshop

We learned about different styles of music from the 1940s up to 2017, from a professional band. The band also backed us as we sang 'Fernando'- it was a fantastic day full of learning opportunities.

Can we write formal persuasive letters?

Sunflower Class have been writing letters to Caistor Lions and the St. James Rotary Club asking for donations towards an exciting Art project.

Finley- We will be making a special friendship wall in the playground.

Oscar- We will be working with Zoe the artist again.

Cerys- It will make the playground nicer and there will be a place for us to stop and make friends. Elissa- The children will paint designs with Zoe.

Today Mr. Kemp from The Caistor Lions visited Sunflower Class and kindly presented a cheque for £480. Mrs. Brady would like to thank Caistor Lions for this very generous donation and would also like to congratulate the children for writing such wonderful letters. Mr. Kemp is looking forward to returning to school to see the finished project.

Letter to Theresa May!

Barley class recently wrote inspiring, thought- provoking poems based on three words; love, hope and unity. After showcasing these at our recent Get Together event, in memory of Jo Cox, Mrs Smith, Governors and staff felt that these poems were too brilliant and needed to be sent to our Prime Minister Theresa May. Abbie and Sophie have written a wonderful letter explaining what Barley class have done and also their thoughts and feelings. Alysia has also made a logo representing these three words. Truly inspiring for others to see. We hope we hear a reply from Theresa May!

Lifestyle 2017!

PCSO Marc Ireland came in to talk to Mustard and Barley class about Operation Lifestyle 2017! Lifestyle is a youth engagement project that encourages young people to spend their summer holidays with friends making a difference in their community. Marc has encourage the pupils to take part this year and help their community- Laceby. We look forward to hearing about the projects over the summer holidays

Juniper Class Assembly

Juniper class impressed the audience during their class assembly today – they spoke eloquently about their history curriculum. The pupils shared reports about the workhouse, information about Normandy Hall, feedback on gruel (!) and shared stunning William Morris inspired designs. The role play all about Victorian education was particularly well-received as was the Victorian song that the class shared as their finale. Well done Juniper. Many thanks too to the parents, grandparents and community members who came along to support the event.

Raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust

Stanford School pupils take an active approach in raising funds for various charities in and out of school. Recently, Ceyhan, Jake, Noah, Ashton and Harry raised money, outside of school, for Teenage Cancer Trust. Over several days they washed cars, sold merchandise and had a car boot sale. In total they raised £275. Well done boys, a fantastic achievement for a great cause!

Rounders Competition

Barley class took part in the Healing Rounders tournament as part of the transition period between primary and secondary. They competed against other primary schools and showcased their fantastic fielding, catchng and batting skills. A great afternoon was had by all!

Well Done Alice!

A massive well done to Alice in Barley Class – she supported the Little Princess Charity by getting her hair cut. We are really impressed with her thought and kindness and we all supported her in a special assembly, along with her mum and hairdresser! Please donate if you can. Thanks

Great Community Get Together

Thank you to all those who supported out ‘Great Get Together’ Coffee Morning – it was really well attended. The pupils enjoyed showcasing their learning and serving refreshments. Uniting as a community helped us remember once again how important working together is. One visitor said, ‘Loved the entertainment and talking to clever, happy children.’ Another said, ‘It was really lovely. A great event for a worthwhile cause. It was lovely to see the children, parents and community coming together.’ We raised £74.89 and donated this to the ‘Manchester Emergency Fund.’


Seedlings class shared their work about our school and its community during the 'Great Get Together' coffee morning. Their was singing, music , cakes and lots of fun to celebrate what unites us and all the things that we have in common.

Juniper Class

In Juniper class we have been thinking about the meaning of Community. We considered the benefits of the different communities we each belong to. We thought about how this related to Jo Cox's Quote, " We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

Together we created a poster with what community means to us. We used the symbol of a tree.

We thought how are communities like trees? Here are some of our ideas:

Rebecca, " Roots hold the community strong for lots of Years."

Auden "The branches are like the different community groups. Some are long and some short. All different but all part of a larger group. "

Sophie, "The leaves like people are all different. They may have different patterns, shades, sizes, textures but they are all leaves and do the same jobs - shelter and make food. People are all different shapes and sizes and have different things they like but every one is human and lots of the same things we need are the same. We need family and shelter and food and friends. Also everyone likes to have fun."

James, "The tree is home to lots of different species all different but in harmony with each other."

Jacob, "Each tree is individual but everyone does a similar jobs with the same parts."

George, "The bark protects the tree and communities support and protect people."

Esmae, "The leaves make oxygen which we all need to live and people need communities."

We shared our ideas during todays Great Get together event.

During the week some of us made cakes and biscuits for the event which we shared together - our own Juniper Class community

Barley Class

A wonderful community event took place at Stanford- for community members, Governors, Parents and Carers, for The Great Get Together, in memory of Jo Cox. Each class showcased the wonderful work that has been going on in our school with songs and musical interludes also taking place. Refreshments and cakes were sold also. Barley class showcased the Numicon Quest project, their wonderful writing in Year 6 and the fantastic, inspirational and thought-provoking poems they have written linked with Love, Hope and Unity. A wonderful morning was had by all!

Growing Up and Keeping Safe

Big Talk Education were asked to lead a workshop for parents all about our SRE curriculum about ‘Growing Up and Keeping Safe.’ This work links to Internet Safety work too. Thank you to those who attended – the feedback was very positive. Big Talk Education will be leading lessons in school this term and working with the teachers and pupils.

Water Safety

Callum from Grimsby Aquatics Swimming School led our school assembly today on the theme of ‘Water Safety.’ Keeping yourself and other safe is very important to us at Stanford and this links with the work we do on Internet Safety, Fire Safety and Road Safety etc.

Voting in our Election for Outdoor Equipment

Children in Seedlings class have been learning about the General Election and how people vote. They decided to take a vote on which Outdoor Learning equipment we should buy.

Ballot Box

Children lined up and then marked a cross in the box before posting it in the ballot box.

 All the votes were counted and the winning vote, with 12 votes, was bubbles. We are looking forward to blowing, catching and chasing bubbles outdoors.

Founders Day Assembly at Stanford

We learned about Sarah and Philip Stanford who are very significant people in our school’s history.

We listened to Mrs Brumfield and Mr Lingard who are part of the Stanford Trust.

We were all ready to listen and learn.

Mrs Brumfield and Mr Lingard were very impressed with our learning behaviour.

We looked at the original school building.

We compared it to our newer school building.

We looked at artefacts linked to our community and made links with other dates and times in History.

We were proud to sing our school song and to say our school prayer. We celebrated the anniversary of our school and even sang Happy Birthday.

At the end of the assembly we received a very special gift! Every child in our school received a shiny five pence piece which is from the Stanford Trust. It made us think about Sarah and Philip Stanford.

Healthy Eating Workshops

Food for Fitness led workshops for parents and pupils all about health eating. Pupils enjoyed preparing food from scratch and tasting the delicious choices – they were inspired to start cooking! Thank you to the families who attended and to Mrs Harvey for leading these workshops.

"The kids loved it.  We tried out the recipes at home. Good for healthy snacks. Would recommend it." 

"Yes, it was really good. the kids loved it it's good to encourage them to try new things and they catered for my vegetarian daughter.  Wouldn't change anything and would recommend it." 

"It was really good. A nice way to spend time with the children. There were new recipes and the children were in charge, but they needed to work as a team. It encouraged them to try new foods. Would recommend."

Road Safety Sticker Day

This month’s Road Safety Sticker Day was another great success – 207 pupils (89%)  chose to walk, bike or scoot to school today to help reduce traffic congestion and make healthy choices ! Well done! Great community links, support from parents, pupils and staff. Abi (Head Girl) and Connor (Head Boy) were great role models too and also helped hand out stickers.  Many thanks.

The Club - Thank you!

We are very grateful for the community links we have – thank you for the donations from His Church Charity and GTFC regarding free breakfast cereal for The Club at Stanford.

NEL Key Stage 2 Singing Festival group

Mustard enjoyed the visit and live music from NEL Key Stage 2 Singing Festival group. The pupils enjoyed learning new songs from the songbook, ‘A Fishy Tale.’ Many thanks to the group for helping us learn the songs. We are looking forward to developing our performance skills soon when we join with pupils from other schools to perform at the Grimsby Auditorium.

Church Trip

Sunflower Class would like to thank Mr.Stevens and Mrs. Mawer for showing the class around St. Margaret's Church, Laceby. Mrs. Brady would like to thank Mrs. Warton, Mrs. Wink and Mrs. Bennett for their help throughout the morning.

Well Done Emily!

We are so proud of Emily who swam 5Ks for the Marie Curie Charity – she has raised £855! Well done Emily! Thanks to those who supported her too – Alysia was there to cheer her friend on and award the medal!

Radio Humberside

Phil White on the road with Radio Humberside visited Stanford today! Pupils sang the school song beautifully, discussed our engaging curriculum and talked about the litter picking we do! Community members met with Phil about Laceby in Bloom, the Stanford Trust, the work of the Parish Council and the history of Laceby. The pupils really enjoyed finding out more about mobile radio stations!

Stranger Danger

An excellent effort from all the children who completed the colouring competition led by PSCO Marc to highlight the import message of 'Stranger Danger' and ways to keep ourselves safe.  We especially value the support from our local communityPSCO Marc and Lindum packaging for the donation of prizes.

Humberside Fire service

Today we had a visit from the Humberside Fire service.  They shared important advice about keeping ourselves safe and what to do if there is a fire in our home.
Here are a few things we learnt:

"If your clothes are on Fire then you have to stay calm, stop, drop to the floor and roll about to put the fire out."  Daisy Lou

"Remember to unplug your electrical equipment before you go to bed"  Charlotte

"Test your smoke detector once a week for example Check it Tuesday" Ollie

"If you discover a fire you need to get out the building as quickly as possible because fire gets big really quickly.  Ring 999 and ask for the fire service. You need to say your address.  It is helpful to know our Postcode." Lauren

"Don't have phone chargers in your bedroom or on your bed" Emma

If you are trapped in your bedroom stand by your window, open it so you don't breathe in smoke and shout for help.  The Fire people will be able to see you and rescue you." Freddie

Sticker Days

At Stanford road safety and healthy choices are important to us. Pupils and community members help make our monthly ‘Sticker Days’ a real success. Well done to all the families who chose to walk, bike, or scoot to school. We really appreciate the families that choose to park safely either in the Stanford Centre or nearby car parks to ensure congestion at Stanford is reduced. Pupils really enjoy the fresh air in the morning and knowing they can come to school safely. Thank you for your support especially to the Governors, Community Members, Parish Councillors, Connor ( Head Boy,) Abi (Head Girl) and staff who give their time to support this event and help give out the stickers!

Easter at St Margaret's Church

KS1 Easter Service

Well done to all the pupils who took part in the Easter Service today. Thanks to Rev Stevens for visiting school to lead the service. Pupils listened well and were able to explain the story. Pupils were able to consider how spring blossom represents new life and how this links to the Easter story. Pupils sang beautifully and reflected on the importance of the Easter Story with great maturity.

Easter Service

Well done – the Easter Service today at St Margaret’s Church was excellent and showed great maturity in the way the pupils told the Easter Story through bible readings, songs and art work. Thanks to Rev Stevens and Mrs Mawer for making us so welcome.

KS1 Disco

Great fun was had by all at the FS and KS 1 Easter Disco – hot dogs, sweets, prizes, dancing, games and an egg to take home!

KS2 Easter Disco

Great fun was had by all – super dance moves, great choice of music, prizes, food and an Easter egg to take home. What a fantastic atmosphere!


Mrs Cockerill and Mrs Maskell, who help lead the Seekers Club in school, visited to lead an assembly about Passover. The pupils were engaged and listened well to hear all about the symbolism of different foods and objects.  This helped pupils develop higher ordering thinking skills and reflected on what is important to them and reasons why.

We Care about Our Environment

Litter picking teams give up time during playtimes and lunchtimes to ensure that our school is litter free

This how much litter they collected on one playtime!

Pre-School Easter Visit

Today, St. Margaret's Pre-school children came to visit us as part of our Easter activities. Seedlings class were extremely helpful towards our younger visitors, sharing and taking turns.

p>We Care about Our Environment

Police Visit

As part of our ‘Helping Hands’ topic the children in Seedlings class learnt about the role of the Police Officer. PCSO Marc talked about how the police help us and keep us safe. He showed us the different parts of his uniform such as his radio and high-viz jacket. We also looked at the different parts of the police van including the blue flashing light and even sat inside the police van!

Community Feedback

Click on the images below to read feedback from some of our Community Events.

Afternoon Tea
Afternoon Tea
Emotional Health Workshop
Emotional Health Workshop
Star Anise Assembly
Star Anise Assembly

Sunflower Class interviewed their Reading Champion

Mr CallanThey emailed their questions to Mr. Callan. Mr. Callan is a Secondary School Science Teacher, a Church Minister and a Musician.

When you were five, what stories did you like?
I liked Mr. Men. My favourites were Mr. Bump and Mr. Uppity. Also Mr. Snow, he was nice because he reminded me of Christmas.

What kind of things do you read when you are at school?
I read Science books at school, children’s work and information on the internet.

Can you read music notes?
Yes, I can play a church organ. I began learning when I was seven. I also sang in a Cathedral choir.

Do you enjoy reading?
Yes, I like to read the news and know what’s going on in the world every day. I have two little nephews and I love to read bedtime stories to them.

Do you get much time to look at books?
Yes, particularly when I’m on holiday and then I have time to relax and enjoy a good book.

How did you learn to read?
I had reading books and I read every night to my parents.

Are you a good reader?
I have to be a good reader to be a teacher. I spend evenings marking school books and reading all the children’s work. When I’m in church I have to be able to read tricky words in the Bible.

What do you read when you are in church?
I read the New Testament in the Bible. I read the Gospel’s of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. They tell you all about Jesus and how he helped people.

After School Club

Thank you to the members of the after-school club for donating their lovely baking to raise funds for Red Nose Day. The pupils enjoyed developing their baking skills too and there were lots of happy customers.

Maths Resources

Well done to all the pupils who have helped raise funds for new maths resources. Well done to Reenad - her letter to Cristal really impressed them and they kindly donated £450! Thank you – we really appreciate the community links and support.

Star Anise Assembly

A very well done to all of Star Anise for a wonderful assembly. I am very proud of you all. Great confidence in your reading, with clear loud voices. Also a big thank you to all of those who came to watch, the children love to show case all their hard work.

LQ: Can I learn about eating healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet? 

Key Stage 2 pupils had a fantastic afternoon, learning how to have a balanced diet and learning about the key food groups. A 'Ready, Steady, Cook' Interactive Challenge was created with Chartwells. Four pupils worked in two separate teams to create two healthy and nutritious meals... in 15 minutes! It was a great afternoon with critiques from our audience members and tasters as well!

Lovely Leaves

Our finished leaves have finally arrived in school. Each of them is absolutely unique, just like us!

We were delighted with our leaves and we will treasure them forever.

Poppy class would like to thank Zoe from Firefly Ceramics for all of her hard work.

Harry Potter Evening

The sorting hat started the fun.

Even the teachers got involved.

Reading by candlelight was quite magical.

Quiz booklets at the ready we thought very carefully.

There were witches and wizards everywhere!

PE Fun for Poppy Class

We invited some PE specialists into school. It looks like Poppy Class is listening very carefully.

Archery was a brand new experience for many of us.

Supporting our friends.

Even though Holly had an injury she was able to get involved in the action.

Fencing Fun

Sticker Day Campaign

Stanford takes road safety very seriously. Pupils, Parish Councillors, Governors, staff and parents support our Sticker Day’  campaign. Pupils are encouraged to make healthy choices to walk, ride a bike or scoot to school every day. This help develop a healthier life style and also helps reduce traffic congestion in and around school. Pupils receive a sticker in recognition of their support. Today  207/234 pupils chose to support the event – our highest number yet!  A big thank you to all involved.

Safer Internet Day

Mr Nicholls from Halifax led safer internet use workshops for Year 5 and 6 pupil on Safer Internet Day.


Thanks to Morrisons  for inviting us to tour the store, enjoy the pizzas and learn how to use the tills! We really enjoyed developing our life skills.


We are so proud of our positive community links. Thank you to Laceby in Bloom for donating the daffodil bulbs and to Mr Lester for leading the lunchtime gardening club. We are looking forward to seeing the daffodils grow.

Animal Encounters

Today on the 9th of February Year 4’s from Star Anise and Juniper class had an exotic animal visit from Tony Butler and his many unusual animals, including a polecat and a Komodo dragon. This was to help us understand and classify animal groups which we have been learning about in Science. “Living Things and their Habitats”.

Charlie : “The Spikes felt soft and it’  cute.“ (Africa Pigmy Hedehog)

Bearded Dragon
Owyn;- “I thought it was a bit scary.”
Isobel ;- “It had sharp claws and its skin was    hard.”

Rebecca :- “I thought his spikes were sharp and went into my fingers.”
Esmae:- I liked the bearded dragon , I wasn’t scared!!!


James: - “Its legs were tickly.”
Mareen:- It was tickly and tried to crawl off.

Archie: - “The Millipede woke up and started to wiggle”

Valentine's crafts

A Valentine's craft session after school brought children together of all ages to learn new skills and produce beautiful craft items. Many thanks to all the staff for their help and to Mrs. Drury for all her wonderful craft ideas and hard work!

Megan (age 8)- It's really good and it helped people to improve their sewing.

Betsie (age 6)- It's nice sewing.

Olivia (age 5)- I like doing lots of crafts.

Katie (age 6)- The love heart making was tricky.

Emma (age 7)- I made a Valentine's box. The cutting was hard, but the decorating was easy.

Ruby (age 9)- I was pleased with my card. I liked making the hanging heart.

Sam (age 6)- I enjoyed being with other people and having a drink and a biscuit.

Lorry Safety

Today the 8th of February we had a visit from Hargreaves Industrial Services who distribute bio fuel. They came to inform us about Road Safety concerning their huge lorries.

Scarlett:- The lorries have many blind spots, which means they can't see small children at the side and at the front.

George:- When I sat in the lorry it was very difficult to see any of my class mates. I could only see in the distance.

James:-Inside there is a camera to help with reversing.

Mrs Amos made us all jump beeping the horn!!!!!

RSPB BIRDWATCH 2017 - Stanford Nature Area

On Monday 30th January, 4 children from each class were chosen to represent Stanford School to record valuable data for this year's RSPB Big Birdwatch.  We were lucky enough to have mild weather with reasonably clear skies. We were wrapped up very warmly for the hour of observation. The birds were very 'chirpy' and we were able to locate and identify them through their bird calls.

Children worked in pairs to complete the counting sheet. Each pair had a pair of binoculars, a recording chart, a bird identification sheet & a comfy cushion! After half an hour Miss Lucas came round with Birdwatcher Biscuits for sustenance. The children were all very enthusiastic and observant, they were openly grateful for the opportunity to be part of this experience

Community Volunteers 1 February

Stanford appreciate all the support they receive from community volunteers. We organised a ‘Thank you High-Tea’ and were delighted that so many parent and grandparent helpers, Governors, agencies, Stanford Trust, St Margaret’s Church and PTFA members could attend.

Each class presented a poem, song or dance and pupils made mini-scones, finger sandwiches and cakes for the guests. We had a lovely afternoon.

One guest commented, ‘I so enjoyed the afternoon. The children obviously enjoy their learning at Stanford. So many aspects of life skills, such as  helping each other were seen etc along with the inspiring staff. Thank you for the varied entertainment and lovely tea.

Owl Day

Today, our school field has some special visitors -
Julie and Mark from  Lincoln Owl Rescue.  They have brought with them an European Eagle Owl, Tawny Owl , Barn Owl, North American Screech & Australian Boobook for the pupils to see and learn about.

"I liked Jesse the Eagle owl the best because of his massive orange eyes." Owyn

"I loved seeing Sunbeam the tawny owl.  His feathers looked so soft." Archie

Virginia McLean 17 January

Visiting author Virginia McLean shared her book ‘Journey to the Beginning of the World’ with Mustard and Barley. The pupils developed their deeper thinking skills and posed thoughtful philosophical questions. Many thanks to Virginia for visiting our school. Many pupils enjoyed receiving signed copies!

Energy Heroes 13 Janaury

Rob and Kate came to talk to us in our school 'Energy Heroes' assembly about taking care of our world and using less electricity.

Roald Dahl Evening KS2

We celebrated Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday with a gloriumptious evening of hopscotchy fun and frolics.

Armed with our golden tickets, we had party bags to fill.


Painting Giant Feet

Armed with our golden tickets, we had party bags to fill.

I wonder if they will be seen around school?

Making Dream Jars

Emma looking pretty pleased with her Dream Jar.

Making BFG Ears


Owyn is certainly a big friendly giant!

Food for Giants


We made tiny snacks so that when we ate them we really did feel like huge giants!

BFG colouring looks like fun.

James and the Giant Peach

Mrs Amos helping to create a giant …

Making seagulls carefully, so that they can fly the giant peach to safety.

We made peach parachutes and peach crash helmets. We investigated different materials to see which were the best.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There were some unusual characters in school today!

Making and Eating Wonka Bars

Lickable Wallpaper

Lucy thinks that lickable wallpaper is very unusual!

The Twits

It looks like James has been using ‘hug-tightglue’.

Mr Twit Beards

Oh No! Bird Pie!

Goerge’s Marvellous Medicine

Such unusual ingredients.

I not sure that Mr Hawkins enjoyed his outrageous concoction!

Some people even found time to enjoy a good book.

A fantabulous evening was had by all.

Are you inspired to read a Roald Dahl book?


Azem told Sunflower class all about how he and his family celebrate their special festival called Eid-Ul-Adha. He showed the children his special clothes, demonstrated how he prays on his prayer mat and then gave everyone a chocolate! The class wished him 'Happy Eid!'


Seedlings Class have celebrated Eid-Al-Adha this week. Mrs Feghia and Mrs Harib came to talk to Seedlings class. We were shown a prayer mat and how to kneel and pray. Mrs Feghia showed us the writing in a special book called The Quran and how to wear a hijab. Awis even brought a chocolate for everyone too. 'Happy Eid to everyone'.


We had two days to experience and learn about Indian Culture and the Festival of Diwali. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.