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Community and Enterprise

Fantastic Christmas Carol Concerts at St Margaret’s

Well done everyone - beautiful readings, lovely singing and excellent class performances. Thank you to all those who supported this lovely event.

LQ: Can I sing songs to others?

Children from Seedlings class went to St Margaret’s Pre-school to sing festive songs. There were lots of actions and dancing too.

Christmas Dinner

We had a lovely Christmas Dinner today - thank you to the Governors, pupil helpers and staff for their support - everyone had a super time.

Christmas Fayre

What a fantastic Christmas Fayre - thank you to all those who supported it and to the pupils for showing their enterprise skills through designing, making, evaluating and selling their products. Well done everyone.

Sunflower ClassCan we make a profit?

Sunflower Class made some lovely snowmen and candy canes out of recycled materials and sold them at the Christmas Fair. Many thanks to Mrs. Drury for her help and expertise! The children made £70!

Caistor Christmas Market

Well done to all the pupils from the School Choir and Poppy Class who joined us at Caistor Christmas Market on Sunday and sang some beautiful Christmas songs. We really appreciate your time and help. A special mention to Miss Perrin for leading the event and all other staff and parents/carers at the event for their support too.

World War 1: 100. 1914-18 Lest we forget

100th anniversary of the end of World War I

Around the globe people are remembering those who gallantly gave up their lives in the line of duty. This year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I.

At Stanford School the children have taken part in several activities to reflect on this important anniversary. Today we came together to reflect on those who gave their lives for their countries and shared the work we have prepared.

Seedlings Class Blue & Yellow

Sunflower & Pumpkin Class

Poppy Class

Juniper Class

Star Anise Class

Barley Class

In addition to this Mrs Amos has created some beautiful poppies from plastic bottles which have been placed as a stunning addition to our Peace Garden.

Maths and Reading Workshop for Parents

On Friday 2nd November, a Maths and Reading workshop was held for parents. It was an interactive workshop where parents could learn about the different ways we learn.

In Maths pupils showcased the following:

In Reading we showcased the following:

The pupils were brilliant in showcasing what we do at Stanford.
Please find all documents on our Math and English Page.

Positive comments were received by parents and carers:

“Great event- well done to all. Excellent techniques seen for maths learning!”

“A lot of useful information thank you.”

“Very interesting learning things about Maths and English that I was unaware of.”

“Excellent set up! Explanations by children and staff were outstanding. Well done everyone.”

 Shoebox Appeal

We had a representative from ‘Operation Christmas Child’ come to the school to talk about how we can help children less fortunate than ourselves. Some children throughout the world live in deprivation, in cold areas and have little to call their own.

The Shoebox Appeal sends a box of 'love' to these children so they can have something to open as a Christmas Gift, to make their lives a little easier and most importantly to make them smile. 

The items in these boxes do not have to be brand new, as long as they are in good condition, and are a perfect opportunity to pass on 'pre-loved' toys, winter scarves & mittens.

We are hoping that we can increase the number of boxes donated last year and bring Christmas cheer to even more children.

Musical Assembly

Thank you Sunflower Class for a lovely musical assembly. We really enjoyed seeing and hearing the use of recyclable materials to create important messages about helping the environment. Thank you to Mrs Brady, Mrs Wink and an extra special mention to Mrs Groves for leading the event. The positive feedback from parents/carers was greatly appreciated as was their participation!


Halloween fun was had by all who joined the event at school today - ghoulish treats and fun dares!

Thank you to all the staff and volunteers who helped organise the event.

Flu Vaccinations

Well done to all the pupils who had their Flu Vac today. Thanks to the School Nurse Team for their help.

Can I understand why Ramadan & Eid are important in the Islamic faith?

In our RE unit Remembering we have been looking at why different faiths have celebrations. They have them to celebrate people and remember special events. We have looked at different Islamic celebrations and have found similarities to those celebrated by Christians, as both remember Moses and Noah. We then looked in more detail about the celebration of Ramadan & Eid and found out that Eid is a lot like the Christian celebration of Christmas. Christians celebrate Christmas as God gave Jesus to the world. Muslims celebrate Ramadan & Eid as that is when they were given the Qur’an to guide them how to live their lives.

We were fortunate as some of our parents came to talk to the children about why Ramadan & Eid is important to them.

In Ramadan the Muslims fast so they can appreciate how lucky they are to have things such as food, they give money and food to others who are not as fortunate as them and they use this time to connect with Allah and their families. At the end of Ramadan they have Eid where they decorate their homes with tinsel and other decorations, they dress in their best clothes, have a feast, give presents and visit their families.

They brought a copy of the Qur’an so the children could see Arabic writing and how beautiful this book it. They also spoke about the Pillars of Islam and how they guide the Muslim people to try and live a better life. They also brought some Henna and showed the children how they decorate their hands for special celebrations. The children loved learning more about the Islamic faith and had lots of interesting questions to ask.

Little Princess Trust

Well done to A for her charity work to support the Little Princess Trust - she raised over £1000! Mum and school were very proud!

Harvest Time

What a lovely scent there is in our quad area.  We have been harvesting out lavender this afternoon.  We are going to dry the flowers out and hopefully use them as a part of our enterprise project.

Can I celebrate the Harvest?

We enjoyed a wonderful Harvest Festival at St Margaret’s Church today. Well done to all the pupils for their songs and poems. Mr Stevens helped us remember how important saying ‘thank you’ for all the food we have. Thank you for all the donations for Harbour Place too.

Ket Stage 1

Key Stage One went to St. Margaret's Church to celebrate the Harvest. They sang Harvest songs, presented Harvest gifts and looked at all the colourful fruit, vegetables, corn and flowers that were on display all around the beautiful church. Mr. Stevens told the children all about Harvest. They said prayers to thank God for the food they have to eat and they also reflected on how their Harvest gifts will help others

Key Stage 2

Key Stage 2 children enjoyed taking part in a harvest celebration in St Margaret’s Church, as ever the church looked lovely with its decorations created by the congregation.

The children enjoyed singing hymns and performing harvest poems and songs.

Cake Sale

Well done to the team for selling cakes to raise funds for their brother’s exciting Scout trip. We sold ice cream too for school funds and we raised £75.00 each! Have a wonderful Summer and thank you for your support.

End of year Assembly!

What a wonderful end of year assembly we have had! Full of certificates, prizes, singing and dancing…. School’s Out for Summer!!

Laceby in Bloom

Well done and thank you to everyone involved in Laceby in Bloom. The judges visited this week and the school showed their work on the peace garden. The group of pupils who presented the information were excellent and received many compliments regarding their enthusiasm and knowledge. Good Luck to the Village Entry and to the School.

Community Music Morning

Well done to everyone who participated in our wonderful music festival. We had a wide range of talented singers, instrumentalists and dancers.

Thank you to all our parents and friends for coming along and supporting this lovely event. Mrs. Brady would also like to thank Mrs. Warton, Mrs. Wink and Mrs. Bennett for serving all the refreshments and also to Laceby Lodge Spar Shop for their kind donation towards the refreshments.

Here are a few examples of some of the lovely feedback from members of our audience:

'Wow amazing from all children. Brilliant effort from both children and staff. The refreshments were lovely. Thank you.'
'Great morning, lovely interaction with the children.'
'Well done- a lot of effort and well prepared. Enjoyed it.'
'Such talent! Wonderful and confident performers. The staff have worked very hard to get the children to this standard. Well done!'
'Lovely relaxed setting for parents. I saw a mixture of years perform and each was different- all children performed brilliantly. Fantastic to see their learning.'
'What a fantastic morning! All the pupils were amazing, it made me smile all the way through. You were GREAT!!!'

Poppy Class Enjoy Stanfest

We combined our musical talents with our awareness of diversity to celebrate Stanfest. We learned that Makaton is used alongside spoken language to help with language development. One of the children in our class used Makaton when they were learning to talk.

We worked hard to practise our finished musical pieces. Our parents and carers were delighted with our performance.
Mrs Harib said “What a well organised and lovely event. All of the children did very well.”

Anthony’s Mum was so impressed that she wants to learn the songs with Makaton signs too!
Here are the links if you would like to learn along with us.

KS2 Sports Day

Wow – a super KS 2 Sports Day – well done to all the pupils for trying their best (just like our Olympic visitor told us!) Extra well done to the Blue Team for achieving the highest score. Lots and lots of positive feedback – the pupils really loved the range of sporting activities which used lots of different skills. Thanks again to the parents/carers who supported the event, to Morrisons for the ice lollies, to Spar for water bottles and helpers, One Stop for water and to Governors, Premier Sport and Community Members for their help. A great event.


Pupils enjoyed a trip to Morrisons to help develop their life skills and awareness about enterprise. Thank you to Chris (Community Champion) and Mrs Spittlehouse (Governor) for helping with the trip and the staff for organising it. The pupils really enjoyed it and had the chance to make a burger and a pizza, try different cheeses and work on the till. An excellent trip indeed.

Summer Reading Challenge Assembly

At Stanford we are very lucky to have fabulous links with the Stanford Centre Library and all of the dedicated people who run the library. We were delighted to welcome Mrs Wink and Mrs Brumfield into school to introduce the Summer Reading Challenge. They were both extremely impressed with our fantastic assembly behaviour.

Mrs Wink presented certificates to the children who had participated in the 500 word challenge.

These children talked about how proud they were and how much they had enjoyed this activity.

The children and staff listened intently as Mrs Brumfield and Mrs Wink explained how the reading challenge would run.

Take a look at all of the magnificent rewards that everyone who takes part will receive. The children who take part will also get plant their very own sunflower and pumpkin. ‘It doesn’t sound like a challenge at all!’ Miss Whiting exclaimed.

Lots of the children were very keen to take part.

Let’s work together to make this the most successful reading challenge ever! Just go along to the library once a week, have fun, join in with the exciting activities and receive a prize each week as a reward!


This term our collaboration work with Sunflower and Seedlings class has been all about recycling. We first identified which things can be recycled around our classroom and at home. Then we sorted some pictures into the correct recycling boxes and bins. We listened to Chrissie from North East Lincs Council, who told us some interesting facts such as; When 1 can is recycled it gives enough electricity to power a TV for 4 hours! Finally, we made a poster to let others know all about recycling.

Pupil Voice

Joshua - Crisp packets can’t be recycled. They go into the normal bin. That rubbish is burnt to create electricity.
Jack - Glass goes into the green box. The glass gets crushed up and turned back into new glass.
Neve - The big brown bin is for garden waste, like grass cuttings or twigs from trees.
Ollie - The plastic goes in the orange box like plastic bottles. Tin cans go in the orange box too.
Lincoln - 1 tin can gives 4 hours of electric to make a TV work.
Oliver L - Paper and cardboard go in the blue box.
Lewis - I learnt that yoghurt pots can’t be recycled but you could reuse it as a glue pot.

Enterprise Day

Year 5 and 6 used their mathematical, teamwork and entrepreneurial skills to create, organise and deliver an enterprise day to the whole school. It was a huge success and over £500 was raised, that will go towards something exciting for the school.

Sunflower Class

Sunflower Class had a great time at the Enterprise Day. They would like to thank the Year 5 and Year 6 children for organising such a lovely event.

Isla- The biscuit icing was fun.
Lucas- I liked the ice cream, it was 75p. I had toffee sauce on the top.
Libby- The candy floss looked like cotton.
Lily W- I had chocolate.
Jack- I won sweeties.
Millie- I had to put my hand in a gooey bucket. I had to find treasure.
Bella- I won lots of sweets.

FS and KS 1 Sports Day

We enjoyed a super FS and KS 1 Sports Day today – our pupil voice team, along with Mr Middleton, organised a range of sporting activities for the pupils to compete in.

We awarded 1st,2nd and 3rd places along with the chance to make team points for your House Team. We were well supported by the community too - Spar volunteers came along to support and donated the bottled water along with the One Stop shop, Morrisons donated the ice lollies,

Governors came to help the pupils, parent volunteers helped organise the refreshments and Premier Sports coaches came along to help too – a great team effort. The pupils worked really hard and all of them showed a positive attitude to sports and to taking part. Green Team won on the day and we are now looking forward to KS 2 Sports Day next week.

A special thank you to Mr Middleton for organising his first Sports Day at Stanford and to the staff along with the year 6 pupils for their support too.

Poem/ Reflection Competition

Thank you to Mr Forest from the British Legion for joining our assembly today to reward the winners of the competition. The pupils had been asked to write a poem/reflection as part of the 2014-2018 World War I Centenary Events.  Mr Forest would be visiting Ypres in the summer to lay a special wreath there with the special message attached. The quality of emotion, thought and empathy that the pupils used in their writing was very impressive. Well done.

Big Talk SRE Workshop

Thank you to the parents/carers who attended the Big Talk SRE workshop on 21st June 2018. The workshop was informative and helpful.

Our finished Peace Garden

Thank you to Caistor Lions and Laceby in Bloom. The pupils love helping keep the garden beautiful and enjoy relaxing and smelling the lavender.

Gardening Volunteers

 So grateful that volunteers help at weekends to plant, weed and water our lovely gardens.

Morrison’s Breakfast

The wonderful Chris – the Community Champion – and some of her fellow staff from Morrison’s, surprised us on Friday 16th April, when they donated some food to our ‘Breakfast Club’! Morrison’s have now begun a home delivery service and we were lucky to be one of the first stops on their list! Some children who attend the club, as well as some helpful year 6 pupils, helped collect the delivery. It was a fantastically positive start to the term and our children have enjoyed the food very much!

Founders Day

What a wonderful Founder’s Day – it is so special for the community to come together to celebrate Stanford School’s birthday! Thanks you to Mr Lingard and Mrs Brumfield for supporting the assembly in the morning and to Rev Pam for leading the Church service at St Margaret’s. Our pupils spoke about the special heritage of our school, their reflections of Stanford and their hopes for the future. We were so proud of the singing and viola group. The high tea was also beautiful with over 60 guests enjoying the day.

Founders Day

What a wonderful Founder’s Day – it is so special for the community to come together to celebrate Stanford School’s birthday! Thanks you to Mr Lingard and Mrs Brumfield for supporting the assembly in the morning and to Rev Pam for leading the Church service at St Margaret’s. Our pupils spoke about the special heritage of our school, their reflections of Stanford and their hopes for the future. We were so proud of the singing and viola group. The high tea was also beautiful with over 60 guests enjoying the day.

Stranger Danger

Thank you to PCSO Marc Ireland who led an important assembly in school about ‘Stranger Danger.’ All the pupils listened to the good advice and will remember to C.A.R.E

C - Call Out!
A - Always remember to not go with someone you do not know!
R - Remember to not talk with strangers!
E - Everyday at least one child gets spoken to by a stranger!

Rev Pam and Mr Lingard

Rev Pam visited school today, along with Mr Lingard, Chair of Stanford Trust, to meet with pupils and staff before Founder’s Day – it was lovely to see them and they enjoyed the tour. Thank you.

Sheepfold Home

Mr Anderson visited our assembly today to tell us more about the Sheepfold Home, Bethlehem and accept our donation towards this charity. We remembered Mrs Anderson who used to work at Stanford, as this charity was important to her.

Friendship Mural

We welcomed Mr. Kemp from Caistor and District Lions back into school, so he could view the lovely friendship mural we all created with local artist Zoe from Firefly. We thanked him for The Lions' kind donation that helped us create this special piece of art work. Millie- This wall tells everyone to be kind and be good friends. It's a nice message for everyone!

Mrs Groves

Mrs Groves is retiring from Stanford today after nearly 21 years. Mrs Groves has helped pupils develop their skills and interests and will be missed as part of our staff team. Enjoy your retirement Mrs Groves, we will miss yo

Easter Bonnet Parade

Well done to Seedlings and Key Stage 1 pupils – they took part in our Easter Bonnet Parade this morning and showed their creative and egg-citing designs. Thanks to all the parents/carers and friends of the school who came along to support us.

KS1 Disco

Everyone had a brilliant time at the Easter Discos – great dance moves, excellent behaviour and pupils enjoyed the refreshments. Thank you to everyone for their help. A great community event.

St Margret's Pre-school Easter Visit

Children from St Margret's Pre-school came to visit Seedlings class to show their Easter hats and sing some Easter songs

Djembe Assemblies

Mrs Groves led two djembe assemblies with year 3 and 4 pupils – the musical skills, co-operation and listening skills were excellent. Parents, carers and friends of the school joined the assemblies. One visitor commented ,’Thoroughly enjoyed the performance, the children have obviously enjoyed learning to play. Lovely to be invited to come and watch.’ Thank you everyone for making the event so memorable.

International Science

We were very grateful that Dr Wilton, Chloe and a group of International Ambassadors from Caistor Grammar School  joined us in Year 5  today to lead workshops about ‘International Science.’ The pupils learnt more about re-cycling and global issues – they really enjoyed working with the older pupils too as part of the Science Week in school.

Safer Internet Day

Today we have all been learning about how to be safe on the internet and most importantly to be SMART


PCSO Marc Ireland came into school and lead an assembly about being SMART, social media and the sites that we should be very careful of using. It is really important that we take care when using the internet and it is used sensibly and responsibly.

Radio Humberside

Carl Wheatley from Radio Humberside visited school to speak with the pupils about all the exciting learning that goes on at Stanford. As always, the pupils did us proud and were very articulate, as you can hear in the radio broadcast:

Toy Town Learning Sharing

Yet another busy week in Seedlings class. Today we shared what we have been learning about to our family and friends at the Stanford centre. Everyone showed their work from paintings, masks, models and maps. We sang songs with actions and even danced like bears. We also raised money for our outdoor play area.

A very ‘big thank’ you to Mrs Brumfield, and helpers for providing the wonderful refreshments. What a fabulous learning share it has been.

A Big Thank You

We welcomed Mr. Duckworth back into school. Mr. Duckworth is the President of St. James Rotary Club and his club kindly donated money, so that we could create this lovely friendship mural with our local artist Zoe from Firefly.

Mr. Duckworth came today to see the finished mural and was very impressed. He said it had been a worthwhile project, as every child in the school had been involved and he thought promoting friendship was key to a happy school.

Many thanks to the children who met with Mr. Duckworth and told him all about the project.

Can I write a poem about dignity?

Children in Star Anise Class wrote special poems for World Dignity Day. Three representatives from the class were lucky enough to perform their thought-provoking poem at Cloverdale Residental Home in Laceby. The residents and staff were really moved by what they heard. Here is their special poem:

Dignity and Respect


Two words, two different meanings,
But they are often used wrongly,
Dignity is the ability to stand strong and tall,
In the face of your troubles,
Always have your head held high,
Keep fighting for your dignity,


A lesson that everyone should learn,
It can’t be ordered,
Only given as a gift,
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded,
But most importantly,
Give it to get it

Dignity and Respect

We are not perfect human beings,
Nor do we have to pretend to be,
Respect and dignity is the
Thing that keeps the world well balanced,
Death with dignity is better,
Than life with humiliation,
You should never sacrifice,
Four things,
Your family,
Your heart,
Your dignity,
Your respect.

Community High Tea Thank You

We had a lovely Community High Tea Thank You Event yesterday – we wanted to let all the volunteers who help our school know how valued and special their contributions are. Thank you to all the pupils and staff for making and serving the refreshments. All the guests enjoyed the performances and entertainment. Special thanks to the year 6 helpers -Joe, Jessica, Lucie and Harvey who helped make sure the event ran smoothly.

One visitor commented," A lovely event. Pupils were very welcoming and friendly – they entertained us with a wonderful variety of well-rehearsed, interesting and fun performances. A very special afternoon."

Thank you

As a big 'thank you' to the governors, volunteer helpers and members of the community, who support our school, we performed songs at our 'Community High Tea'.  We all very much appreciate your time in supporting children at Stanford School.

Community Feedback

Click on the pictures below to see some our latest Community Feedback.

Roof Project

The builders have nearly finished the roof building project at Stanford and the scaffolding is being removed today! The work started back in September – the school community have enjoyed seeing the project develop. Thank you for all your hard work.

Peace Garden

Pupils have designed beautiful, thoughtful peace pebbles for the peace garden. A team of helpful year 3 pupils worked with volunteers to improve the outdoor area and start a peace garden. We have further plans to develop a peaceful seating area for reflection and reading too. Do you like the difference?

Mr Mayor

Mr Mayor visited the school today to lead an assembly and meet the Pupil Voice team.

Ethan (Head Boy) and Jasmin (Head Girl) along with the Road Safety Group and Litter Picker Group spoke about the exciting learning at school. They also discussed the opportunities the pupils at Stanford have to steer the curriculum, carry out responsibilities and plan events.

Mr Mayor spoke about the importance of helping the community and making a positive change. He mentioned the importance of environmental awareness and we promised to keep him updated of the work we do.

Thank you to Mr Mayor and Councillor Hasthorpe for joining us today – the pupils were inspired!

Breakfast Club

All the members of the breakfast club are having a lot of fun with the healthy activity in the morning – groups had chosen to dribble the football and improve their speed and others had chosen a group skipping activity.