Community and Enterprise

Earth Day/Great British Spring Clean

To celebrate Earth Day year 3 participated in the Great British Spring Clean as part of an initiative ran by North East Lincolnshire Council. They very kindly let us borrow bag hoops and litter pickers. We walked around the perimeter of the field and playgrounds to collect as much litter as we could find. Taking part in the event linked to our PSHE topic of living in the wider community, our responsibilities and how we can look after our environment. A big thank you to Luke and Sadie for coming and supporting us with this event!

Our Planters

Our planters that were kindly donated by one of our governors are in full bloom. They look lovely as you enter via our reception area. 

Easter Hampers 🐣 📖

Our wonderful Community Pantry and Stanford Trust created Easter hampers for some of our families for the half term holidays. The idea of bringing the family together over food, crafts and a good book! Thank you to The trust in supporting our pantry!!

Loving Laceby Library

The Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the library today.

W- Mrs. Wink showed us some different kinds of books.
E- Mrs. Wink had a very old book that was seventy years old. It was a special book she liked to read when she was a little girl.
P- It was lots of fun to look at all the different books.
C- I was looking for scary story books!

The children also spent some time researching information about gardening, growing, plants and trees by reading lots of non-fiction books. They did this in preparation for their new Science topic next term.

Mrs. Brady would like to thank Mrs. Wink and Mrs. Harrison for making everyone feel so welcome.


A parents guide to the new National Curriculum (not Foundation/Seedlngs class). More information can be found on the Rising Stars website

Stanford Junior and Infant School Celebrates International Women's Day!

We celebrate the incredible women who light up our classrooms and nurture young minds every day! From teachers to support staff, we are immensely proud of the passion, dedication, and strength they bring to our school community!

Happy International Women's Day to these remarkable individuals and to all the Mums, Grandmas, Sisters, Aunties and all the women who shape the future of our children!!

Buttercup visit to Stanford Library

Buttercup class enjoyed their trip to Stanford Library.   We loved looking at the books and all chose one to take back to class.   Mrs Wink spoke to us about what happens in a library.  She also shared the sorts of stories she enjoyed when she was little.  We compared her old books with the shiny, colourful books we chose today. We can’t wait to share our new stories back in class.

Pumpkin Class Reading Breakfast

Today Pumpkin class invited parents into their class to do some reading. We also had breakfast whilst we did our reading. This meant that we all got one more read in our reading dairies this week, just 2 more to go!

"I liked eating food whilst reading most"
"I got to read outside with my mum and my friend"
"It was great!"
"A lovely class of happy children"
"Great turn out and well-behaved class"
"Thank you for having us, we had a lovely time"

Pumpkin Class Plant Trees

Today Paul from NELC came to school to help us plant 4 new apple trees.

The project was launched by NELC to help increase the canopy cover across our borough, which is currently one of the lowest in the country.
Paul talked us through each step of planting a tree which links to our science topic of planting. We hope one day we can use the produce off these trees in our cooking club to help us towards being more sustainable. 

Chocolate Workshop

Year 4 had a special visitor this week who taught us lots about chocolate. We learned about its development throughout history and links to the Ancient Maya civilisation (that we have been learning about). We also learned about the conditions for growing cocoa pods within tropical rainforests and where the ingredients for chocolate are harvested. After this, we were taught some of the skills of what it takes to be a chocolate taster, with blind aroma tests, followed by tasting a variety of chocolates and identifying what ingredients they might include.

Community Beach Clean!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who attended our beach clean this morning. This was such a positive event with lots of amazing feedback about our work. Members of the public were very complimentary about the hard work we put into collecting any litter we found. A big thank you to Ken for letting us borrow the litter picking equipment. We can't wait to update you on our ECO award and our next steps. 

"A brilliant job you are doing!"
"Amazing morning 10/10"
"As a grandparent it got me up"
"Brilliantly organised"
"Thank you for all the work you are doing"

Celebrating Children's Mental Health Week

At Stanford we are celebrating Children's Mental Health week. Today we invited residents from Cloverdale Care Home and governors to celebrate with us. We had an art activity where we expressed our individuality. This will be put towards a whole school display celebrating every child's voice being heard. Sunflower class also came and sang their musical piece which they are learning in Music. Year 4 supported our guests with their art work. 

"A wonderful event!"
"It is always a pleasure coming to Stanford, we are always made to feel so welcome"
"A lovely, lovely afternoon, the cake was delicious!" 

Children Challenging Industry visit to Croda

Year 6 pupils had the most inspiring day visiting Croda on Tuesday. The Children challenging industry project Barley class have been taking part in, resulted in the pupils visiting the site where their product, Lenolin, is created. Pupils took part in different activities, from investigating which product is best for hand cream to how Croda's product works in beauty and household products. Pupils generated amazing questions and learnt all about the Science industry... we may have some future scientists!

People that Help us – the Police

We were so lucky to have a special visitor come to talk to us this afternoon – Inspector Harvey.

She showed us her special uniform and the equipment she carries.   She brought lots of uniform for us to try on. Some of it was so heavy.  We learnt about how Police help us.  We asked lots of sensible questions such as Why do Police officers have hats? Do you enjoy your job? What do you use a Baton for? …Even Had she captured Evil Pea? (He visited our class last week and did terrible crimes to our vegetables!

Inspector Harvey was kind enough to bring in us a helmet, a pencil and a sticker.  Lots of us want to work in the Police force when we are grown up

ECO Group - Pre-loved Sale

Our ECO group have recently discussed how we can recycle more in school. With us already having focused on recycling waste they decided to focus on pre-loved jumpers and cardigans. Today they put their plan into action at the Year 2 learning share. We hope to do this again at more upcoming events in school to promote recycling and sustainability.

Remember to bring 50p if you would like to purchase a pre-loved jumper or cardigan!
Well done ECO warriors!


Buttercup class have been learning about British Birds this week. We went to the nature area to do some bird spotting as part of RSPB Big School Birdwatch. We completed the survey back in class. We saw wood pigeons, crows, a magpie and seagulls. We could hear other birds in the closeby bushes but they were hiding out of site. We did meet a couple of squirrels in the nature area which was very exciting.

Road Safety Talk

Today in Pumpkin class we were very lucky to have a Mrs Griffith come in to talk to us about road safety as part of our PSHE lesson. We discussed how we could make the village safer, how we can be safe when crossing roads, and riding a bike. 

"I didn't know we don't have zebra crossings in the village."
"I'm going to tell my sister to start wearing her helmet when she is riding her bike!"
"I think the village needs more help with road safety"

Christmas Hampers

Our Community Pantry and Stanford Trust created Christmas hampers for some of our families for the festive holidays. Thank you to The trust in supporting our pantry!!

Christmas Dinner

On Friday we enjoyed a special Christmas Dinner at lunch time. Provided by Chartwells and prepared by our lunch cooks, we had roast turkey and all the trimmings.

Pupil 1: I liked listening to music whilst we ate our dinner.
Pupil 2: Mini sausage is the best!
Pupil 3: I love the Christmassy cake for pudding.

Sausage Making

Pumpkin Class got the chance to work with Gavin making sausages. Gavin told us all about what goes into shop bought sausages, and how we can make healthier ones ourselves. The sausages that Gavin made he knew all the ingredients that went into making them, however sometimes you don't always know what is in shop bought sausages. We then got to try the sausages ourselves and they got a thumbs up!

"That's the best sausage I've ever tasted!"
"I love sausages with beans and mash!"
"I really liked the sausage Gavin made"

Year 1 Pizza Making

This week, Chartwells – our lunch providers – visited us to teach us about healthy eating. We learnt that we should have 5 pieces of fruit or veg every day. We thought about every fruit of vegetable that matches the colours in a rainbow and talked about which we liked best. Then came the best part! We learnt how to make our own pizzas and choose from a rainbow of toppings to make them look great and be healthy to eat. This was so much fun and we want to say a huge thank you to Chartwells for this amazing learning experience. Take a look at all our pizzas.

Sharing Our Space

Daisy Class

Today Daisy class welcomed their parents/carers into their new classroom for a tour. It was great that so many people came and enjoyed looking at the children’s new learning space. Refreshments were served by the pupils and their class song made everyone laugh! To remember the event, children made bookmarks showing their author of the term and themselves enjoying the new reading areas. Children shared their favourite classroom spaces:

Pupil 1: “I love using money in the Christmas Shop best.”
Pupil 2: “The craft area is good because I love to make things.”
Pupil 3: “I like reading books in the new book corner because I love books!”
Pupil 4: “The tent is a quiet place to share a story with a buddie.”
Pupil 5: “Let me show you the new toilets ‘cause they’re purple!”

Poppy Class

On Friday the children were really excited to have parents, carers and loved ones come into our class to see our new classroom. It was a perfect opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer, share a mince pie, juice & biscuits and have a little chat with each other. The children helped to make a special welcome song which they performed with gusto! Thank you for coming everyone!

Sunflower Class

The Sunflowers enjoyed welcoming their family members into their lovely Sunflower Classroom.

R- We sang The Sunflower Song together.
E- It was good when the parents joined in and we all sang ‘The Red Red Robin’ song.
C- I showed my mum and dad all the interesting things on the walls.
O- I let my grandad sit in my seat.
E- We all ate biscuits and mince pies.
S- I showed my mum the bookmark that I had made.

Parent- Thank you for inviting me. I enjoyed looking around my child’s classroom.
Parent- It’s a lovely big classroom. I enjoyed my child telling me about their learning.
Parent- My little one loved looking at all of Mrs. Brady’s frogs!

Festive Fun in Year 2!

The children loved all the excitement of the Christmas Fayre.
There was dressing up in fancy dress, setting up their Christmas Enterprise stall, decorating the classroom and singing Christmas songs to their parents and friends.

P- I liked going around all the stalls and buying things.
J- It was exciting to see Santa in school.
J- My mum enjoyed hearing me sing outside.
P- I really enjoyed making my Christmas wreath and seeing it for sale on our stall.
F- It was funny to dress up in fancy dress.
C- Mrs. Bennett made us some lovely knitted snowmen with chocolates inside.
M- Year 2 would like to thank Mrs. Drury for helping us make the wreaths, Mrs. Bennett for making all the knitted snowmen with chocolates inside and also to Mrs. Lawson for helping with our stall.

🎄 Pupils have been busying preparing for the Christmas Fayre today!! 🎄

🌟 Foundation Stage Grand Opening Event 🌟

On Friday 17th November we celebrated the grand opening of our new Foundation Stage unit. Assets, Governors and friends of the school joined the celebrations. As well as Parents, carers and family members being invited where our wonderful Buttercups welcomed them all to their wonderful new unit!

This space is just one area around the school that has been developed to provide new pupil places within the school. This project was managed and funded by the LA in partnership with Equans- Thank you!

Local Councillor David Hasthorpe and MP Martin Vickers officially opened the unit followed by our parent and carers coming to visit the unit. Our wonderful Buttercup class performed to songs with their handmade Diva lamps- magical!

Thank to you all that have been involved in this project and to our Stanford family for their continued support- we hope you enjoyed the cake!!

Thank You

A big thank you to one of our governors who organised for the local beck plant pots to be donated to us. Gardening club have made sure these are watered using the watering system they have. You can find these brightening up our reception area.

Our Metal Flowers

Today we put our metal flowers up in our reception area. I think you'll agree that the children have done amazing with these. Each of the flowers have incorporated an artist's design that we look at in each of these year groups. Be sure to look out for them as you come into school via the reception!

Another big thank you to Sam from Vanel for supporting us with this project.


This week, year 4 contributed their work to the metal flowers project. We learned about the work of the artist Barbara Hepworth and looked at her use of shapes, lines and colours. We used this to inspire the abstract art that we painted onto the flowers. We came up with our designs first and then used different tools to paint with, including brushes, cutlery and even gift cards. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and we are proud of our work.

Remembrance Day

This afternoon Mr Smith from the British Legion came to talk to us all about Remembrance Day. We had a chance to ask questions about Remembrance Day and Mr Smith explained what happens, he also read us a poem called 'The inquisitive mind of a child.' A big thank you to Mr Smith for coming to visit us, and sharing his knowledge with us.

MP Martin Vickers

On Monday our local MP, Martin Vickers visited Year 5 and 6 pupils to talk to them about his role as MP and Parliament. Pupils learnt when Parliament was formed and what happens within the House of Commons. There was then an opportunity for Q and A from the pupils- great questions asked! Pupils then followed this exciting assembly, with work all about Parliament. Thank you Martin Vickers for the inspirational talk!

Introducing Stanford’s Community Pantry - A Place of Support and Sharing! 🛒❤️

We are thrilled to introduce and open our Community Pantry.

🛍️ What is the Stanford Community Pantry, you might wonder? It's a pantry filled with care, generosity, and essential items right here in our school. Whether you want to contribute or need a helping hand, this is the space to connect.

🤗 How it Works:

  1. Give: Have some extra baby supplies, snacks, or essentials? Share them in our pantry for fellow parents. Let's create a nurturing environment together!
  2. Take What You Need: If you find yourself running low on supplies or facing a challenging day, visit the pantry to pick up some essentials. We're here to support each other without judgment.

🕐 Location & Access:

Our Stanford Community Pantry is conveniently located in the Reception main office. It's accessible 9:00am - 4:300pm, making it easy for you to use when it suits your schedule.

🤩 Join us in building a fantastic support system! Share your surplus or receive assistance when you require it. Let's strengthen our parent community, one act of kindness at a time. 💪

Thank you for being part of our extraordinary parent community. Together, we can make life a little easier and more joyful for all our families. 💞👨‍👩‍👦‍👦 #ParentingTogether #SupportingParents #SharingIsCaring

Pumpkins bake for tuck shop for well-being Wednesday!

Pumpkin class have made some delicious oat-meal and raisin cookies for tuck shop this week for our well-being Wednesday. Children weighed out the ingredients and then added all the ingredients together to bake. Although Miss Purshouse nearly forgot the cinnamon, oops! We can't wait to sample these in our tuck shop on Friday selling for 50p.

Metal Flowers Project

Today Pumpkin class were the first class to start the metal flowers project with VANEL. Year 3 created designs linking to their class artist Maud Purdy. They then painted these designs onto the metal flowers using key terms such as strokes, light, dark, pattern, layering. We were then joined by year 2 who came to have a look at how we were getting on and looking at the different designs we had created!

"I had lots of fun painting"

"I think they looked really pretty once they were finished"

"I liked mixing different colours to get the colour I wanted"

"I can't wait to see all the flowers when they are up!"

Bollywood Dancing

Pumpkin class worked with Sunita this afternoon to do some Bollywood dancing as part of our Hindu experience work. Children wore suitable attire to dance in and Sunita showed us lots of different dance moves to try.

"It was so fun!"

"I really liked trying all the different dance moves"

"I got 2 team points for my dancing"

"It was funny that Miss Purshouse was the Queen"

"I hope we get to go that again"

Topcon Competition Winners

A huge well done to these year 6 pupils on winning the poster competition Topcon set!!

Pupils had to design safety posters to be placed on our building site to remind people to stay safe… Zoe from Topcon came and presented prizes to the winning designs- how amazing do they look!

These will now be displayed around school site and then used for future building sites- well done!! 🌟

Inspirational talk

Mr Bray, Governor at School came in today to talk to Year 6 pupils about his career progression and job role at Orsted. Mr Bray gave an inspirational talk about the wide range of job roles within the sector. Pupils gained an insight into this industry and impressed them with the vast size and location of wind farms. Year 6 pupils asked inquisitive questions to further expand their knowledge and encourage them to think about their aspirations and careers for the future! Thank you Mr Bray!!

“ I really enjoyed the talk from Mr Bray, I would like to be an engineer when I am older”

“ It was great to learn about the companies within our area!”

“ I didn’t realise how many opportunities there was in the Orsted company”


A BIG thank you to everyone who came and supported our Macmillan coffee morning. We hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did. We raised a fantastic £370.63.

"It's great to come and see the children at school and donate to a fantastic charity"
"The children clearly worked very hard, well done to all involved."
"We loved it, thank you so much!"
"Lovely get together and nice to see the children showcasing their learning!
"We had a lovely time today thank you so much for this event" 

Again, big thank you to everyone who donated!

Harvest Festival

The Harvest Festival was an amazing event. Each of the classes prepared something to share - pieces of art, letters, poems and songs. It was lovely seeing the Foundation children join us to share their song. Rev Chris came to talk to us about harvest and spoke about how it is important to share and care for each other, qualities which we treasure within our school.

Gardening Club: Choosing Plants

Today our gardening club have been to Grimsby Garden Centre. The reason behind the visit was to purchase some herbs and plants for new our sensory walk way we are creating in our nature area. A big thank you to Grimsby Garden Centre for all their help, and our school helpers for supporting with the visit.

A Super Reading Breakfast

The Year 2 children enjoyed sharing books and delicious food with their family, friends and community members. It was great to see everyone enjoying reading together!

P- My mum got to read with me and she had a smile through the whole entire thing!

C- I really enjoyed eating the fruit and talking to my friends about books.

F- My mum and dad both came. We all read together!

C- It was the best day ever! W- I loved reading to my mum.

R- It was a lovely morning. I enjoyed reading two books and loved eating my breakfast!

O- I liked reading with Grandma and eating lots of yummy food!

R- I really enjoyed my mummy coming into my school to read with me.

Parents and Carers Feedback:

*It was great for parents to get involved.

*A lovely morning, thank you. Lovely food, welcoming atmosphere, so nice to see all the children back to school and happy.

*Thank you very much. I have enjoyed my morning reading books to my little boy and meeting his new teachers.

*Absolutely lovely event! Excellent range of books and refreshments.

*It was a nice experience to sit down with my child in his school environment.

*We thoroughly enjoyed today’s reading breakfast. It’s lovely to see other pupils and parents, along with hearing our own children read.

Community Litter pick 🗑️

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, community members, staff, parents and pupils for coming along to our litter pick on Saturday morning! The community links are important to us and ensuring we keep our village clean and safe!

We are illustrators!

The Year 2 children have really enjoyed their visits to Laceby Library this term.

Mrs. Wink has inspired everyone to enjoy reading a wide range of books.

Mrs. Wink asked the children for lots of ideas for an adventure story that she wanted to write for them. The children thought of lots of weird and wonderful ideas, such as a castle with a forest and beach, animals and monsters enjoying a sports day with Pokemon spectators and unusual food being eaten like ladybird sandwiches. The children came up with  lots and lots of ideas.

Today, Mrs. Wink wowed them with her amazing story. She had included all of their ideas! The children loved listening to her read it and then were inspired to draw illustrations for her story. They decided on the title of the story: ‘The Wonderful Outside: The Best Summer Holiday Ever!’

Thank you so much Mrs. Wink. We have really enjoyed working with your this term!

Our Building Project

Our exciting building work is well underway at School! The new 650k building project has commenced! Please be aware there may be more traffic around (builders/deliveries) and we appreciate your understanding with this.

We had an assembly on the safety in school when building work is taking place and we created posters in class on this… we cannot wait to see the transformation!!!

Year 5 Transition Talk

Year 5 pupils had a visit from John Whitgift this morning who came and spoke with them about secondary school. John Whitgift Academy have an open evening on Tuesday 20th June, 4-6pm

Cookery Club at Cloverdale Care Home

We had a great afternoon with people from Cloverdale Care Home, Governors and parents to celebrate Dementia week. The children from the Cookery Club made some marvellous cakes, sausage rolls, and healthy flans for this special occasion. One of the residences said she enjoyed the singing as it reminded her of when she was a Sunday school teacher. Well done year 2’s for your fabulous entertainment.

Founders Day

Foundation Stage

Foundation stage really enjoyed learning about their first Founder's Day at Stanford School. We looked at lots of photographs - some that Mrs Brumfield and Mrs Brady had found, as well as some old class photos from Mrs Groves. We found it really interesting to see how much the school and the people had changed. We learned most of the words to the school song and made some birthday cards for the school as well. One of the most fun activities though was making a huge birthday cake, which you can see in our photos!

Birthday Cards

For Founders Day Year 1 have created their own birthday cards for our school. We drew the school badge on the front and wrote a message inside. We showed our work in a special Founders Day assembly.

Year 6 Founders' Day Service 2023

Year 6 celebrated Founders’ day with a wonderful service at St Margaret’s Church! Pupils reflected on their time at Stanford and presented our Stanford identity: creativity, community, care, curriculum and challenge! Lead by our Head pupils and Rev Chris, they performed these pieces, along with the wonderful Brighter days song to Governors, community members and the Stanford Trust! Well done year 6- a wonderful celebration!

Reading Breakfast

This morning Year 1 invited parents and carers into school for a reading breakfast. We took lots of bean bags outside for the children and adults to relax and share a book together. We hope you enjoyed your morning with us.

Absolutely lovely time! Juice and brioche were perfect.
Really enjoyed my morning with the children.
I love attending these mornings. It is nice to be able to take some extra time to read.
A lovely way to show us how the children are getting on in school and the children love us coming in, really good!
Lovely set up and the staff were really friendly, enjoyed by all.

A Fond Farewell

We all said a huge 'Thank You' to Mrs. Val Brumfield in a special assembly today as she retires from the school's governing body. Mrs. Brumfield (a former pupil and teacher of the school) has volunteered and supported the school in many many ways over the years:including governor, chair of governors and as a volunteer.

We all thanked her with special gifts, and cards made by all the children.

Thank you once again Mrs. Brumfield!

Teddy Bear Picnic

This week, foundation stage were invited to bring in their favourite cuddly toy for a special event - a reading picnic! Children in foundation stage carefully made a healthy sandwich for their parents/carers, in the morning. In the afternoon, we invited in our grown-ups and shared some of our favourite books. We really enjoyed seeing so many faces and sharing a love of reading.

Year 6 celebrations 🥳

To celebrate the end of SATs , Year 6 pupils celebrated with a movie and popcorn! In the afternoon we had a visit from Harrison's Ices and enjoyed an ice cream outside. We also played rounders too!! To make this an even more memorable event, we had to rescue the ice cream van as it got stuck!! According to the Year 6 pupils… it’s been the best day ever!! 😃🥳

Walk to School Week

Thank you for supporting us with our walk to school week yet again. Our aim this year was to try to keep Cooper Lane free from school traffic, on Wednesday in particular. We also wanted to promote the benefits of walking to school for our physical and mental health. The Travel Plan Group - made up of pupils, governors and staff - prepared designs for some stickers that were shared with everyone who participated. We had a great push this year, with some classes having as many as 100% of pupils being able to walk to school on Wednesday! Thank you for supporting us with this important initiative.

Music Therapy

The children had lots of fun at Music Therapy tonight. There were different stations to visit to see what area they enjoyed the most. Lots of progress has been since they started! Mrs Smith even came to have a look what we were doing.

Year 3 & 4 Easter Service

The children in years 3 and 4 were fortunate to be invited to take part in an Easter celebration at St Margaret's church. The service included readings about the Easter story and traditional hymns. The children enjoyed sharing their learning about the Easter story including pieces of artwork about the Last Supper, the garden of Gethsemane and the resurrection of Jesus.

Reverend Mark shared his thoughts on Lent linked with some Easter magic which amazed the children. After the service the children enjoyed a drink and a biscuit before returning to school. As ever, we would like to thank St Margaret's church for being a part of our school's community and we hope you enjoyed the Easter card and artwork that we left you. The children were amazing, their singing was inspiring and they were a real credit to the school. We are so proud of them.

Healthy Eating Workshop

A wonderful workshop took place Thursday afternoon for parents and their child. Working with Mrs Jones, our Learning Mentor, they explored healthy eating and made a fantastic fruit crumble. They used many life skills which included weighing, peeling, slicing and the rubbing method for the crumble to go on top. Everyone was given a recipe to follow and had an enjoyable afternoon!

' Lovely event, great atmosphere, very relaxed and friendly. An excellent opportunity to take part with my child in a small group!'

' What a wonderful experience. Mrs Jones has done a sterling job. Really lovely to be asked to be [art of my child's school lessons- Thank you!'

' We really enjoyed the cooking- it was lots of fun!'

Friendship Disco

Foundation Stage and Key Stage One children had great fun at their end of term disco.

E- It was good to meet new friends from the other classes.

R- I danced with lots of different people.

T- I enjoyed all the snacks and a drink!

L- The music was awesome.

Learning Share

Pumpkin Class invited family members to school to show them examples of their wonderful work all about penguins.

S- We dressed up as penguins again and had lots of fun doing a penguin song and dance.
G- I liked showing my penguin painting and the cardboard 3D penguin I made.
F- We had photos on the board showing our parents our computer pictures of penguins.
E- I felt very proud of myself when I read out my own penguin poem.
R- I enjoyed reading the Mr. Penguin poem with my group.
J- We told the parents lots of different facts about penguins- I hope they learnt something new.
V- My mum and some of the other adults got up and joined in with our penguin dance- that was funny.

Parent/Carer- It was a fun way to spend a Thursday morning.
Parent/Carer- Well done Pumpkin Class, you have all been working hard.
Parent/Carer- Great fun! Thank you for inviting me.

Music Therapy

Music Therapy sessions started today with Freestyle Academy, the children really enjoyed the session and can't wait for the next one. The drums seemed a big hit, we may have some budding musicians amongst us!