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The PE curriculum at Stanford School is unique. It is broad and balanced with a breadth of engaging opportunities. It is our intent to teach children skills through PE that will positively impact on their future. We aim to deliver high-quality teaching and learning opportunities that inspire all children to succeed in physical activities. We want to teach children how to cooperate and collaborate with others, as part of a team, understanding fairness and equity of play to embed life-long values.


The PE curriculum is purposeful and relevant to the pupils. The knowledge and skills pupils acquire, build on their previous learning, allowing them to transfer key skills, knowledge and concepts to their long-term memories. Pupils at Stanford participate in weekly high quality PE and sporting activities. Our PE programme incorporates a variety of sports to ensure all children develop the confidence, tolerance and the appreciation of their own and others’ strengths and weaknesses. We provide opportunities for all children to engage in extra-curricular activities before, during and after school, in addition to competitive sporting events. This is an inclusive approach which endeavours to encourage not only physical development but also well-being. Children are invited to attend many extra-curricular competitions across the year and are also encouraged to take part in active learning across the curriculum and through a range of PE equipment being available at break times. Pupils are encouraged to develop initiative and leadership skills and to acquire positive attitudes towards physical activities. They are helped to make informed decisions concerning a healthy lifestyle. Through this we hope to provide a lasting legacy of sporting enjoyment and success for our pupils both now and in their future lives.


We are proud of the achievements of our pupils in PE. Our pupils fluently apply their skills and knowledge within PE and make connections to their existing knowledge and to other curriculum areas. At Stanford, we ensure that our PE curriculum is progressive and allows children to develop fundamental skills and apply them to a variety of sports and activities. All children are provided with the skills and given opportunities to demonstrate improvement to achieve their personal best. Our pupils are physically active and this has positive implications on their learning in the classroom. Children understand how to lead a healthy lifestyle and understand the importance of exercise. We are very proud that our PE learning has recently achieved the Silver School Games Mark.

Going for Gold

Year 2 are hoping to achieve the Golden Mile award with Mr Page. Every Friday morning we are walking or running as many times as we can around the playground. We are counting our miles as we go. This is good for our HEARTS, good for our HEADS, great for our WELLBEING and LOTS OF FUN!! Here we are running and walking in the sunshine.

PE with Mr Page

Keeping fit and active is not only good for us physically - but mentally too.

Mr Page has created some fun work out videos for you to use at home - hope you enjoy them!

Year 5 and 6: Star Anise and Barley

Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the Live Premier Education session today and completed some short exercises that get the heart racing!

Healthy eating

Year 6 pupils in school watched a healthy eating session delivered by Premier Education all around healthy eating and food portions- we learnt so much!

Year 6 Exercise

Mr Page has been leading some yoga sessions in Year 6 - he has also shared some useful websites and exercise ideas (including yoga!) to our remote learners.

We hope you have enjoyed your exercise sessions at home - send in some photographs to show us what you have been up to!


Children in year 5 had an excellent time on Thursday, when all who took part were able to achieve the level 1 grade for Bikeability. We look forward to completing the next stage of training in the new year.

Can I balance in pairs and groups?

In PE we looked at the different ways that we could balance and support each other. We had to be creative as we had to avoid being face to face and think of how we could support each other in different ways.

School Games Silver AwardPE Silver Award

We were very pleased to receive the North East Lincolnshire School Competition Mark for the 2019/2020 academic year, celebrating the sports activities attended or held within the school. Stanford achieved the Silver level of the award due to our commitment to attending a range of competitions and promoting lots of sport within our curriculum. In our feedback it was mentioned how we have "raised the profile of PE, School Sport and Physical Activity with inspirational athletes invited for sports assemblies and physical activity embedded into the school day".

We are very proud of the children's achievements in sport and look forward to continuing sporting activities in a safe, secure and hygienic way as this year progresses.


Today has been our first day of Year 6 PE - we had a great time!

Our unit this term is 'Athletics', today's PE session has been focused on the three areas of athletics; running, throwing and jumping.

It has been lovely to enjoy our outdoor area!


In Green Bubble we have been moving in different ways. Sometimes inside, sometimes outside. Whenever we move we have fun!

Sports Week

Our focus has been keeping active as part of National Sports Week.

Monday's athletic challenge was to see how many jumps we could do in 1 minute.
Tuesday's aiming sports challenge involved counting how many times we could aim and throw the bean bag into the hoop.
Wednesday's challenge involved practising skills used in team sports such as throwing and catching a bean bag.
Thursday's adventure sports skills focused on skipping.
Friday's artistic sports gave us time to practise our yoga moves!

What a busy week!

Activities Ideas



Quick Start

Speed Bounce

Right Way Wrong Way

Wacky Races

Running Cards

Nutty Squirrels





Frisbee Golf

Target Games

King of the Cones

In the Box

Tap Up Tennis





Super Session

Fast Feet

Wastepaper Basketball

Keepy Uppy Challenge

Cool Catcher

Sock Wars





Race across the river

Orienteering Challenge

Swipe and Swap

Horizontal Climbing

Go for a Bike Ride

 Find a new route or challenge yourself to ride further, your choice!





Partner Dance

Disney Dance Along

Cosmic Kids Yoga


Upside Down Challenge

Become a Super Mover!

Intra School Sports competition

Sports Competition

We recently had our second intra school competition, led by Premier Sports, on Archery and Dodgeball. Please see the overall winners…. Well done to Red team!

Juniper Class

This morning we enjoyed taking part in teams playing dodge ball and archery. Super effort and great enthusiasm along with good sportsmanship was evident throughout. Well done Juniper Class.

Sports Relief

Seedlings Class

An Olympic Badminton player Jenny Wallwork and Swimmer James Kirton, came to work with Stanford school pupils as part of a sponsored circuit challenge. Take a look at how Seedlings class did!

As part of Sports Relief, Year 5 pupils designed and created a range of sports circuits for the pupils to complete. They had one minute to complete the exercises- great fun was had by all!

Seedlings Class

What an amazing day. The Sunflowers have all been very active exercising in the hall and also in the classroom. M- Jumping Jacks made me very fit.

B- The push-ups made me have strong arms.
J- I enjoyed meeting the badminton lady.
O- I really liked all the sports.
N- I enjoyed doing the exercises in the classroom, I did loads

Juniper Class

Gymnastics in PE

Children have been exploring different ways to travel in P.E. Moving on two hands and feet, showing different ways to roll along a mat and travelling high and low along a bench.

Competition Kit

A huge Thank you to Strawsons for our new PE Kits for competitions- They are great! We used them at our athletics competition- Thank you!

Year 3 / 4 Indoor Athletics

This week some of the children had the opportunity to represent the school in an indoor athletics competition. It involves 26 schools in the area and this was the first set of heats.

The children were amazing. Their behaviour, attitude and effort was outstanding, they showed fantastic teamwork and supported their peers during the events.

At the end of the event we found out that we had come joint 4th in our heat so we have yet to find out whether we will progress further. Well done Year 3 / 4, we are very proud of you!!


Sunflower Class

The Sunflowers competed in a very energetic session of dodge ball led by the Premier Sport's Team. They learnt some new skills and enjoyed being really active!

L- We had to throw balls at each other.
O- If the ball touched your tummy, you were out.
T- It was a hard game because everyone was really good.
W- I love competitions and the blue team won.

Poppy Class

Today the children enjoyed an Intra-school Competition where the different houses battle against each other in sport activities. Today we were playing dodgeball. The children had lots of fun.

African Animal Yoga: Can I improve my concentration, balance and control?

The Sunflowers have been enjoying some yoga sessions and making African animal shapes with their bodies.

A- I liked doing the lion because I could stick out my tongue and look fierce.
M- The butterfly was a nice one to do because my legs moved like wings.
B- The snake was my favourite one.
T- I was a very strong mountain.
G- The giraffe pose was very tricky to do. I have been practicing it and can do it now.
W- I like yoga because my Grandma does yoga too.
L- I loved being a flamingo.
T- I had to concentration really hard and listen to the instructions.