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Questions about going to Secondary school

Year 6 asked some of our ex-pupils, Harrison and Emily about life at Healing School.

What do you do in Art?

E – We learn how to draw the face and body. Also how to use the paints properly

H – This term we did a self-portrait in the style of Van Gogh

How quickly do you remember where every class is?

E – It took me just under a full week.

H – about 2 weeks

How long is the school day?

E – There are 5 1 hour lessons with a 15 minute morning break and 1 hour for lunch.

H – in total we are school for 6 hours 45 minutes.

Is the bus sectioned off into year groups or can anyone sit anywhere?

E – The year 11 prefects sit at the back but otherwise you can sit wherever you like.

H – You can sit wherever you like.

How do you know which bus you get on?

E and H – There is a sheet at the front of the bus saying your bus number.

Do you bring your phones into school? What happens if you do? Can you use them at breaks?

E – You have to hand them in once you get to school in the morning and then collect them at the end of the day.

H – You can but you must hand it in when you get to school. You are not allowed to use them at break.

How long is lunch time? What is the process? How much food do you get? How much can you spend? Can you be both pack up and hot meal?

E – 1 hour. You line up outside and then sent in to line up and wait for your food. You can spend until your account goes into the minus and then you have to top up. You can have either a pack up or a hot meal.

H – You have 1 hour and you line up outside then go in and you get as much as you like until you run out of money.

What happens if you don’t complete homework or make the wrong choices?

E – You either get told to bring it in for next lesson or you get a note in your journal. If it is not the first time you may get a detention.

H – The first time you forget you get a warning and then after that it is a detention.

How long is detention time?

E – C2 is 15 minutes, C3 is 30 minutes and C4 is 55 minute after school detention and a letter is sent home.

H – A break is 15 minutes, a lunch is 30 minutes and an afterschool is 55 minutes.

What instruments can be played in Music?

E – guitar, keyboard, piano, drums, flute, viola

H – A keyboard and acoustic guitar is what we have played so far.

What languages do you have to learn?

E – French and Spanish

H – Spanish, French and German

How many people are in your classes?

E – no more than 32

H – 29

Are you allowed to go to the toilet in lessons?

E – yes but you have to get a pass from the teacher.

H – sometimes it depends on when it is in the lesson. You should go at break and lunch.

Are there certain things you are not allowed to wear, bring, use?

E – Jewellery, sweets, anything that could hurt someone, skinny jeans, trainers, any make up.

H – you are not allowed any jewellery

How much homework do you get every day?

E – 2-5 pieces

H – 2 or 3 pieces a day

Are we allowed to use the gym in school?

E – yes but you have to ask first and only when you are in year 9

What happens if you’re late to lessons?

E – You have to have a good reason or you get a note in your journal.

H – you get a late mark on the register.