Stanford School

Stanford Junior and Infant School

Living together - Learning together

Cooper Lane, Laceby, Grimsby
NE Lincolnshire DN37 7AX
Tel. 01472 318003

Pupil Premium

Rationale & Objectives

Barriers to learning amongst many Pupil Premium child nationally include challenging home life, poor literacy levels, low aspirations, low expectations and narrow experience of life outside school. Not only do we want the Pupil Premium spend at Stanford School to improve academic achievement, we also want to ensure that this cohort of pupils have access to the necessary pastoral support, as well as free cultural and sporting activities, whatever they may be.

This will ensure that children look forward to their time in school with enthusiasm, resulting in the raising of attainment of PP-eligible pupils; closing the gap between PP pupils and others in the school; closing the gap between the school’s PP pupils and all pupils nationally; improving behaviour in selected PP children, accelerated progress by all PP pupils; increasing opportunities for PP-eligible pupils and broadening their experience.  

This will be done in part by providing high quality teaching and learning experiences for all children to overcome educational disadvantage and deprivation. We will aim to close the attainment gap pupils through targeted intervention and support and by providing an exciting curriculum which provides a wide range of engaging, quality learning and nurturing activities to broaden our their knowledge and familiarity of the world around them. This will be supplemented by a wide range of free extra-curricular activities to broaden children’s learning experiences and to foster and develop each child’s interests and talents.

Number of Pupils On Roll 238
Total Number of Pupils Eligible for PPG 33 (13.9%)
Total Amount of PPG Received £41,380