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Lunchtime and After School Clubs

Spring Term 1 Clubs


Club- Lead By

Staff member collecting at end of day for club to start


Starting Mon 9th January- 6th February 


KS1 Multi-skills- Mr Marshall FS, Year 1 & 2

Reading - Mrs Jones FS & KS1


Collect Multi-skills


JJ Collect Reading

First Aid PH


Starting Tues 10th January- 7th February



Boys Football- Mr Marshall Years 5 & 6

Chill Club- Mrs Jones All Years

Skipping Miss Hoad Year 3 & 4


PE Collect Football


JJ collect Chill Club

EH collect Skipping

First Aid PH


Starting Wed 11th January– 1st February

Starting Wed 11th January– 8th February


Football- Mr Fussey-Dunn Years 3 & 4

1515-1645 Cooking Club – Mrs Christie Year 6


MFD Collect Football


First Aid PH


Starting Thurs 12th January– 9th February   


Girls Football- Mr Marshall Years 5-6

Art and Drawing Club- Miss Holmes Year 4,5 & 6


MFD Collect Girls Football


PE Collect Art Club

First Aid PH

Afterschool sports clubs are £3 per session, payable in full at the start of the term.

If your child is in receipt of Pupil Premium, please see the School Office for details about free or subsidised entry to these clubs.

Our Breakfast and Afterschool Clubs run 5 days a week to offer before and afterschool care for children which is both affordable and convenient. The clubs are both fun and active and are run in accordance with our 'Healthy School' philosophy, offering a range of activities and food (AM) which promotes a healthy lifestyle.

Session Code

Breakfast Sessions



Breakfast Session - 8.00 – 8.50 am

 £       2.75


Breakfast Session - 7.45 – 8.50 am

 £       3.50


Breakfast Session - 7.30 – 8.50 am (On Request)

 £       6.25





Breakfast Session - 8.00 – 8.50 am (Additional Child)

 £       2.25


Breakfast Session - 7.45 – 8.50 am (Additional Child)

 £       2.75


Breakfast Session - 7.30 – 8.50 am (Additional Child, On Request)

 £       5.25








After School Sessions



After School Session - 15.15 – 17.00

 £       5.50


After School Session - 15.15 – 17.30

 £       6.50


After School Session - 15.15 – 17.45 (on Request)

 £       7.50





After School Session - 15.15 – 17.00 (Additional Child)

 £       4.75


After School Session - 15.15 – 17.30 (Additional Child)

 £       5.75


After School Session - 15.15 – 17.45 (Additional Child, On Request)

 £       6.75





After School Session - 16.15 – 17.00 (After Sports Club Rate)

 £       3.25


After School Session - 16.15 – 17.30 (After Sports Club Rate)

 £       4.00


After School Session - 16.15 – 17.45 (After Sports Club Rate, On Request)

 £       4.75




Pupil Voice


Term 3

Music Therapy

Music Therapy sessions started today with Freestyle Academy, the children really enjoyed the session and can't wait for the next one. The drums seemed a big hit, we may have some budding musicians amongst us!


This week our talented cookery club students made a quiche. There was some great team work,as one student made the pastry while their partner prepared the ingredients to go inside the quiche. 
I'm sure you'll agree they all looked delicious!

Jammy Dodgers

This week saw the start of a new cookery club course and we started off by making jammy dodgers. We had a few spare so decided to treat staff with our bakes, everyone was very complimentary about the taste and presentation of our biscuits.

Term 2

Healthy Cooking

On our last Cookery Club of this course the student decided they would like to try to cook a healthy meal from scratch. We made chicken nuggets coated in crunchy cornflakes, healthy chips using only a few tablespoons of oil and baked in the oven, and coleslaw using low fat yoghurt. We set the table, invited their teacher, Miss Chilvers, to join us and had tea at school.
Well done everyone, I hope you've all enjoyed the last 6 weeks!
Look out for the new cookery club starting in the new year.

Girls friendly Football match ⚽️

Today we took some of our KS2 girls to play a friendly football match with Wybers Wood Academy. We continue to raise the profile of girls football and this was another fantastic opportunity for the girls to showcase their skills!

The girls played brilliantly, with many goals saved and even more goals attempted. Their teamwork and skills were outstanding and showed the great Stanford football team they have become! Well done girls!! 🌟

Viennese fingers

This week in Cookery Club we made Viennese fingers, first we made the biscuits, piping the dough into neat lines making sure all the biscuits were the same size, which is quite tricky! 
After the biscuits had cooked, we put buttercream on one side and sandwiched another biscuit to it.
Finally, we dipped the end in chocolate.

Blueberry Muffins

At Cookery Club this week we made tasty blueberry muffins. They used the creaming method and learnt how to tell when cakes are cooked by touching them gently on top and if they spring back, they are ready!
I wonder if there will be any left for lunch boxes tomorrow!


This week in Cookery Club we made bread. We learnt how yeast works and why we use it in bread making.Term 2

Term 1

It has been a great start for our After School Clubs this half term! We have a wide range of clubs on offer from Football, Outdoor Adventures to Chill Club and Chess Club! Take a look at just some of our clubs!