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Baking Bread

Following the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ and in preparation for our Harvest Festival we were inspired to make some bread.

Our hands and fingers were very busy kneading and rolling the dough. We looked at the ingredients needed and thought of lots of words to describe the dough including ‘squidgy’, ‘soft’ and ‘stretchy’ and how the bread changed once cooked.

Of course the best bit was eating our fresh bread and enjoying the delicious smell!

Pupil Voice:

C.M-S: We put warn water in so it didn't kill the yeast.
J.M: We put bread flour in. We mixed it with our hands - it was messy!
A.V: We used our hands to squeeze the dough.
E.A: We stretched the dough.
C.M: We put the tray on top of the oven where it was warm. This made the dough grow