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Barley Class Blog 

On this page you can see updates over the term of our activities and learning.

School Closure Home Learning

Please see the links below for home learning tasks in the event of a school closure.

Weekly Home Learning Tasks - 30th March


Hi Everyone.
This is a fun you tube channel linked to Science. It is live everyday at 11.00 and this week is about 'Brilliant Bodies' it is called Science with Maddie Moate

Have Fun
Mrs Amos ( Science Co-ordinator)

Grow a Rainbow

A great idea for a fun activity at home - grow your own Rainbow! With just felt tip pens, kitchen roll and water!

Keeping Fit and Healthy

It's more important than ever that we keep moving and stay healthy and positive. Exercise is an amazing tool to help us feel happier, more energised and more optimistic.  Here are some suggested websites to access at home;  

Cosmic Kids Yoga (Youtube)

Joe Wicks BodyCoach Sessions (Youtube)

Health for Kids

Go Noodle


Just Dance (Youtube)

Mindfulness and Meditation for Children

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule of memories during our time away from school, using these templates record key moments and information to look back on in years to come

Spring Art: Be inspired by an artist and see what’s growing in your garden!

David Hockney, a famous British artist has created these colourful Spring pictures in his garden. Can you draw or paint pictures like him?

Online Safety

With the increasing use of smartphones and internet ready devices during this challenging period, it is important to still remain vigilant in how our children are using their devices, what they are accessing, and who they are communicating with and how.  It is also important to put some limit on their devices to give them time away from the screens, to spend quality time with their family and pursue other activities.

As parents we can find this challenging and difficult to manage. Google have released FAMILY LINK - a fabulous app that allows parents to monitor and manage devices set up with a Google account and Android devices. The following is a guide on how to access to set up this app.

I would also like to remind you of the parent guides to the many popular apps children will be using to keep in contact with their friends, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and gaming platforms on the web.  Whilst social contact is important during this time, it is vital that we ensure our children are using these safely with the correct privacy settings.

Family Link Guide for Parents

Online Safety at Home

Children's mental health

Stanford E-Safety Advice


Coronavirus Home Challenge

Coronavirus Booklet for Children

Tips for Parents and Carers

Lots of free fantastic nurturing activities to help children through this challenging time.

Classroom Secrets Letter to parents

Interactive Learning Links

Maths Key Facts (WORD Document)

Home Learning Pack

Home Learning Pack Practical Ideas

Home Learning Pack Guidance and Answers

Our documents are in PDF format, unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to open them then you can download a free PDF reader from Adobe.

Music Express has a Song Bank of over 400 songs in an array of styles. You can sing songs from around the world, in parts of unison, as a round, with actions or with instruments. You can filter songs by year (age), theme, musical style or season. To access these songs log in: password: Parents20!

Welcome to the Great Indoors:
100 + fun activities to help you learn new skills.

Royal Botanical Gardens Kew
Complete the fun challenges and learn about plant and fungal science.

For the latest news about online learning visit:

Sing and get moving with these feel good songs from Jack Hartmann

Getty Museum Art Challenge

View art work in the museum:
Can you recreate  an artwork with items around your house?
Here are some created by other people to inspire you:

Chipper ClubChipper Club

Meet Chipper the puppy here to help entertain you at home!

The Grimsby Telegraph are launching Chipper Club with exciting home learning projects.
The projects are all about friendship, helping others, being cheerful and showing kindness to animals.
Your parent/carer will need to Sign You Up
Once each project is done, your parent/carer can submit a photo of your work to the Chipper Club for publication online. At the end of all the projects, they will send you a certificate.


Weekly times tables set:

Weekly spelling patterns and Common Exception Words activities set:

Maths, SPaG and reading tasks set: and enter the code UKTWINKLHELPS

Barley Class page - online organiser covering the Y6 maths curriculum, including arithmetic and reasoning problems – password is hexagon6: Barley Class page

White Rose Maths - the curriculum scheme that we follow at Stanford: White Rose Maths
Click on the unit to see an overview and example questions.

Maths games and revision:

Maths mastery resources :

Maths Mansion – play games to improve your mathematical knowledge: Maths Mansion

BBC bitesize covers the key aspects of the curriculum using fun games and quizzes!

IXL maths and English allows you to explore SATs style questions preparing your for the style of questions you might see in the SATS:

Crickweb has a lot of literacy games to improve SPAG, reading and writing:

Activities to reinforce and practise a range of spelling rules: Spelling Rules

A range of activities and games to practise a range of spelling rules and patterns: Spellzone

Maths is fun is really handy for tips on how to complete arithmetic – it’s a very useful guide for revision if you can’t remember how to do something!

Choose any aspect of Year 6 maths to practise by playing games!

Art projects inspired by famous artists:

Test your musical skills:

Play music games:

Dr Chips Daily Dose of STEM activities

Interactive Free Science Games

Learn amazing facts about The Human body

Find out about Electrical Conductors

Look at properties of materials

Find out about reversible and irreversible changes

Learn about magnets

Play The Rollercoaster Game to learn about Forces

Sunshine activities to brighten your day!

Sing Here Comes the Sun
Sing and dance along to Walking on Sunshine
Learn scientific facts about the sun
Learn how to draw a cute sun
Make a 3D paper sun
Do an online sunflower jigsaw
Read the story The Wind and the Sun and answer the questions

Easter Fun

Send animated Easter ecards:

Make greetings cards for people at home:

Do the Easter Hokey Cokey:

Sing an Easter hymn:

Learn a fun Easter action song:

Sing Chick Chick Chick Chicken:

Decorate an interactive Easter egg:


a reading response activity each week(hand in on Thursday morning)
weekly spelling patterns to practice (weekly spelling test on a Friday morning)
TT Rockstars:
weekly times tables tasks set (to be completed by Friday)
this week we have been looking at identifying the value of decimals, multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000, ordering decimals and solving decimal reasoning problems.
Use the SAT organisers (Y6 Revision - Decimals) to help consolidate your understanding of our decimals work so far (we will be discussing these questions and answers in our Friday morning maths lesson)
check out some of the videos we have been using in our grammar sessions this week Grammarsaurus Revision Clips
23 March
Posted by:
Mrs Smith

Sports Competition

We recently had our second intra school competition, led by Premier Sports, on Archery and Dodgeball. Please see the overall winners…. Well done to Red team!

5 March
Posted by:
Mrs Fielding

World Book Day

5 March
Posted by:
Mrs Fielding

World Book Day KS2 Group Activities

5 March
Posted by:
Mrs Fielding

World Book Day Books in a box

28 February
Posted by:
Miss Wilson

Foundation and Year 6 Collaboration

Seedlings had a fabulous time practising their maths skills with Barley class. We played an adding to 10 game using our fingers to help and there was amazing peer support and lots of fun too!

25 February
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Evolution and Inheritance

In Year 6 we have been learning about 'Evolution and Inheritance'.

We have investigated inherited and adaptive traits, examined fossil evidence to support the idea of evolution and discussed the ethical issues of human intervention in the process of evolution by natural selection.

Some fossils were brought in by a pupil and we examined them under the visualiser, thinking about what made the fossilised imprint and discussing any present day ancestors.

In Year 6 we have been learning about 'Evolution and Inheritance'.

We have investigated inherited and adaptive traits, examined fossil evidence to support the idea of evolution and discussed the ethical issues of human intervention in the process of evolution by natural selection.

Some fossils were brought in by a pupil and we examined them under the visualiser, thinking about what made the fossilised imprint and discussing any present day ancestors.

13 February
Posted by:
Mrs Smith

Estimating and measuring length accurately

12th February
Posted by:
Mrs Hill

Friendship Afterschool Activity Event

Many children in KS2 had fun exploring a range of exciting activities including designing and eating their own biscuit, painting salt dough hearts, friendship bracelets, friendly fox papercraft, Love airplanes with friendly messages inside.

11 February
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Fractions Problem Solving

Year 6 have been working on solving fractions calculation and reasoning problems - we have used a range of resources to assist with solving these types of questions, including unifix and numicon.

Here are some useful links for further support and practice with fractions work.
Purple Mash (set as a 2do on PurpleMash)
BBC Bitesize
Genius Maths - KS2 Maths Organiser

22 January
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

Blankets for the Homeless

We had some very excited Year 6 children arrive to the knitting club with their finished squares. I am so proud of them and the work they have done and by the look of their faces so are they!

Soon we will be teaching the year 5 children how to knit and hopefully we will have more squares to come.

Thank you for your kind donations of wool and size 8/4mm needles, as you can see they are being put to good use!

20 January
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

Can I be a word detective?

In our reading collaboration this week, the focus was to find interesting words in our reading books and then find out their meaning.

We found some amazing words, it’s a good thing we had dictionaries to help us!

10 January
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Reading Collaboration

Barley, Star Anise and Poppy are collaborating together each Friday morning to share their reading books. We will be listening to each other read, sharing what we enjoy about the stories and also discussing key vocabulary and themes within the different stories.

9 January
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Frida Kahlo (1907 - 1954)

This term, one of our Art objectives is to learn about 'Great artists in history'. We have been studying the self portraits of Frida Kahlo - a surrealist artist in the 1920s - 1950s.

Kahlo mainly painted portraits of herself and was inspired by nature, animals and Mexican artifacts. We have enjoyed learning about a new artist and also discussing how we all interpret her artwork differently.

This particular piece, 'Wounded Deer', generated some very mature and thought provoking ideas;

'It shows that humans and nature should be at peace with each other. The arrows represent the criticism that Kahlo received for going against gender stereotypes - they hurt her, but she still stood strong, like a majestic deer.'

'I think this piece shows that animals and humans are equal but people should not be hunting and hurting animals,'

Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

STEM Vacuum Cleaner

As part of our Design Technology topic, we researched different circuits and switches that are used in household items such as hairdryers and vacuum cleaners.

We trialed different materials that could be used to create our vacuum cleaner and fans, along with different ways to create a circuit that would include an on and off switch, as well as the option to suck and blow.

We had great fun designing, building, amending and evaluating our products - we also worked on our discussion and team work skills.

Below are our finished products - what do you think?!

20 December
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden


Well done to the Year 6 team that were voted to have the best ROAR#2019 enterprise product - 'Inflatacozzy'.

Martyn, from Caistor Lions, came to watch the team's presentation and was very impressed! He presented the girls with their certificates and £10 book token.

Well done! You worked hard on your product and should be very proud!

20 December
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Christmas Fayre and Enterprise

Well done Year 6! You worked incredibly hard on your Winter Wreath project – completing market research, design ideas, calculating costs and profit and also creating lots of exciting Christmas games stalls! In total, Year 6 made £178.38 profit, which will be used for resources in the classroom.

Thank you for all of your support and we hope you enjoyed the Fayre as much as we did!

5 December
Posted by:
Miss Wilson

LQ: Can I collaborate with different children to develop maths skills?

Seedlings children have enjoyed working with pupils from Barley class to show their maths skills. From reading, ordering and counting numbers to playing simple adding games it has been lots of fun.

4 December
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

Feeling Festive at Stanford School

At Stanford we have a Christmas tradition where each class makes a Christmas hoop to decorate the hall. Each year we have a different theme and this year it was ‘Winter Wonderland’. The children have worked very hard to make decorations to put on the hoops and they look fantastic….don’t you agree?

22 November
Posted by:
Miss Perrin

French Cafe Experience

As the Year 4 children have loved learning to speak French so much, we decided to have a chance to practise our skills and open a French Café for the KS2 children to enjoy.

First we had to create a menu and add some useful phrases which would help the children to order food.

We had some French foods for the children to try – Brioche, Croissant and Baguettes with butter, cheese or jam and orange or blackcurrant to drink. Then we got our classroom ready for our clients by arranging the tables, putting on table cloths and decorating the tables with candles and decorative stones. With a bit of French music to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere we were ready for business!!

Each client was served by their own personal waiter who greeted them, guided them to their table and took their orders.

The Year 4 children were very busy taking orders, serving food and then washing up afterwards. The atmosphere was great, the children had fun practising their French and it allowed the children a chance to try different foods.

Our clients gave us lots of positive comments:-

“I thought it was lots of fun”
“I thought it was exciting to have my own personal waiter”
“The waiters were lovely and the food was great”
“I likes the restaurant because it had table cloths and decorations”
“I loved trying new foods and the role play”
“The menus were very helpful as they had pictures to help”
“Great service and loved the atmosphere”
“Year 4 tried really hard with speaking French. It was lots of fun”
“I liked having the chance to speak French and I was praised for speaking back to the waiters in French”

The Year 4 children enjoyed the experience too:-

“I felt like an actual waiter”
“I liked having more experience speaking French”
“I liked serving people”
“I liked eating the food at the end”

By the time the children had served the other Key Stage 2 classes, done 3 lots of washing up and cleared away they were exhausted…….but they weren’t so tired that they couldn’t finish off the rest of the food!! It was a lovely morning.

18 November
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden


Year 6 have taken part in the 7 Billion Ideas Enterprise Project this term. Children worked in small groups to design a new product, create a poster, jingle and PowerPoint to present to the school in an assembly. The Year 6 children worked incredibly hard on this project and were very enthusiastic and professional during their presentations. Well Done!

After the assembly, each child in the school voted for their favourite idea.

A huge congratulations to the winning team - Inflata Cozzy!

Further details about the final will be revealed soon!

11 November
Posted by:
Mrs Perrin

Stanford Remembers

The children in their individual classes have been thinking about Remembrance day, what it means and why we wear poppies. Today we joined collectively for our Remembrance assembly to observe 2 minutes silence thinking about those who have sacrificed their lives for others during times of war. After this some Year 6 children shared poems they have written about the wars.

7 November
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden


Our Science topic this term is electricity. 

We conducted a scientific investigation and asked ourselves the following questions;

Can I compare and give reasons for variations in how components function, including the brightness of bulbs, the loudness of buzzers and the on/off position of switches?
Can I use recognised symbols when representing a simple circuit in a diagram?
Can I plan different types of scientific enquiries to answer questions, including recognising and controlling variables where necessary?
Can I take measurements, using a range of scientific equipment, with increasing accuracy and precision, taking repeat readings when appropriate?
Can I use test results to make predictions to set up further comparative and fair tests?

31 October
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Team Building

In Year 6 we look forward to our Friday afternoon Golden Time as a reward for working so hard all week! This term we have enjoyed playing team games - particularly the parachute game and Just Dance. It is a fun way to develop our social and team building skills, as well as Pupil Voice to pick what the activity will be each week.

31 October
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

TT Rockstars

In Year 6 we take part in the TT Rockstars challenge every day - our aim is to complete the 60 question times table challenge in under one minute! The hard work is paying off - our class average score is currently one minute and thirty seven seconds!

Keep practising at home

31 October
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Lifestyle 2019

Congratulations to two Year 6 pupils for winning a top three prize in the Humberside Police Lifestyle Project! The two boys (with a little help from their family) went out into the local community worked on improving the scout hut notice board, gardening and developing a small allotment area for the local community. Well done!

30 October
Posted by:
Miss Wilson

Happy Halloween!

There were spooky spiders, ghoulish ghosts and perfect pumpkins at our Halloween activity event after school.

Pupil Voice:

L.B "I made a ghost with a scary face."
A.D "I liked making a mummy with white strips. I did it by myself."
E.W "I made a spider, I had to twist its legs."
A.V "I enjoyed the hotdog."

10 October
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

World Mental Health Day

As today was World Mental Health Day the children have been thinking about how we can promote positive mental health and what we can do to help us to control our emotions if we are experiencing negative emotions.

In Year 1 they looked at a book called Little Beauty where a gorilla goes through different emotions. The children talked about the different emotions and thought about whether the gorilla had done the right thing to help himself. In

Year 2 the children coloured in hearts and then thought about what they could do if they wanted to feel calm.

30 September
Posted by:
Miss Wilson

Harvest Festival

Our Harvest Festival was a joyful celebration introduced by our head boy and girl and Star anise class performed a poem. Rev. Philip Stevens came to say a prayer and give thanks for the food at harvest time. Thank you to everyone who contributed to our celebration, the donations of food will be sent to the homeless charity, Harbour Place.

25 September
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

Ancient Greece Hook Day

Our Autumn Term topic is 'Ancient Greece', for our Hook Day we dressed up in Greek outfits, tried some traditionally Greek food (the olives had mixed reviews!) and took part in some Greek dancing. We will be finding out about the culture, settlements and democracy of Ancient Greece, as well as developing an understanding of the impact that Ancient Greece has had on the modern world.

We shall update the class blog as we find out more!

25 September
Posted by:
Mrs Marsden

7 Billion Ideas

7 Billion Ideas

This week in Year 6 we had Sam from '7 Billion Ideas' invite us to join in with this years competition. We will be working in groups to generate potentially life changing inventions! Year 6 are very excited about creating presentations, prototypes, posters and jingles for their ideas. We shall post updates on our class and SMSC blog as we continue work on the project.

To find out more, please visit the website