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What is SMSC?

SMSC stands for spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. 


Explore beliefs and experience; respect faiths, feelings and values; enjoy learning about oneself, others and the surrounding world; use imagination and creativity; reflect.


Recognise right and wrong; respect the law; understand consequences; investigate moral and ethical issues; offer reasoned views.


Use a range of social skills; participate in the local community; appreciate diverse viewpoints; participate, volunteer and cooperate; resolve conflict; engage with the 'British values' of democracy, the rule of law, liberty, respect and tolerance.


Appreciate cultural influences; appreciate the role of Britain's parliamentary system; participate in culture opportunities; understand, accept, respect and celebrate diversity.

Aims and Objectives:

SMSC enables children to become healthy, independent and responsible members of society.

We encourage our pupils to play a positive role in contributing to the life of the school and the wider community. In so doing we help develop their sense of self worth.

We teach them how society is organised and governed.

We teach them about rights and responsibilities, to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multicultural society.

SMSC enables the children to:

  • know and understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle;
  • be aware of safety issues;
  • understand what makes for good relationships with others;
  • have respect for others;
  • be independent and responsible members of the school community;
  • be positive and active members of a democratic society;
  • develop self-confidence and self-esteem, and make informed choices regarding personal and social issues;
  • develop good relationships with other members of the school and the wider community.

British Values

Stanford School promotes the fundamental British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs.  Actively promoting the values means challenging opinions or behaviours in school that are contrary to fundamental British values.

Through the provision of SMSC our students:

  • develop their self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • distinguish right from wrong and to respect the civil and criminal law;
  • accept responsibility for their behaviour and contribute positively to the lives of others
  • acquire a broad general knowledge of and respect for public institutions and services;
  • acquire an appreciation of and respect for their own and other cultures;
  • encourage respect for other people;
  • encourage respect for democracy and support for participation in the democratic processes.

Behaviour Management

Reflection Sheets - A Time to Reflect

At Stanford we try to give children the opportunity to not only reflect on the good things they do e.g. good work in class, but also the negative choices that they sometimes make.

As part of this process we have been trialling the use of ‘Reflection Sheets’.

These sheets are a chance for children to:

  • think about the decisions they made or actions they took in words or pictures
  • why this may have been the wrong choice to make
  • what they could do next time to avoid it happening again

If a child receives 3 Reflection Sheets in a week or 6 in a half term they will be copied and sent home to parents, so they have an opportunity to discuss with their child the behaviours they have been displaying in school and to help them to make more positive choices in future.

The Reflection Sheets are kept on file and monitored through the year.

We transfer the information from the sheets into a simple Excel spread sheet, which helps us to monitor the behaviour in the school in real-time and identify any patterns which may occur.

The more detail we record - the clearer the picture we get!

We record Gender, Class, Week, Term, Reason, Location, Subject, Time of Day

Healthy Schools

The Healthy Places ‘Education’ award is designed to help educational settings in North East Lincolnshire to create a programme of work to promote health, as they act as vehicles to empower individuals to live well where they work, learn and play.

Healthy Places Award

This is a fantastic award for schools and academies to work towards, which not only benefits the children and young people but also has a positive impact on the health of staff, parents/carers and wider community.

What are the Benefits ?

Improved health and happiness

Improved engagement and morale

Raised attendance levels for staff and children

Raised attainment and progression for staff
& children

Reduction in bullying

Better engagement with parents/carers and wider community.

Reduced absence level and increased attendance levels in workplace

Improved productivity and performance

Fewer accidents and injuries

Aims of the Project
  • Up skill and empower people to champion health
    and take care of each other.
  • Inspire sustainable health related change.
  • Gain recognition for creating a healthier setting.
  • Deliver healthy lifestyle promotion on topics.
What we do
  • Breakfast Club (Mon, Weds & Fri)
  • Provide healthy lunches & encourage parents to do the same.
  • Encourage children to take part in physical activity with a range of out of school clubs.
  • Ask children to discuss their thoughts and feelings, related to well-being both in class and through ‘Pupil Voice’.

Stanford Junior and Infants ensure Democracy, responsibility and respect are key sections of our broad and balanced curriculum. Download our Democracy document.

Below is the link to the Sex and Relationship Education (SRE) learning that our children will be following in the Summer term if parents wish to peruse it:

Relationship and Sex Education information

Foundation SRE Lesson Plans

Key Stage 1 SRE Lesson Plans

Key Stage 2 SRE Lesson Plans

SMSC Long Term Plan

A parents guide to the new National Curriculum (not Foundation/Seedlngs class). More information can be found on the Rising Stars website

Growing up and keeping safe ~ a “Whole School Approach”

What is included in the BigTalk Education “SRE: Whole School Approach” Programme?

See our SMSC work

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Friendship Activity event

Mental Health Awareness

After School Activities

Radio Humberside

Can I write a poem about dignity?

Can I discuss my feelings and emotions?

Community High Tea Thank You

Tolerance Assembly

Peace Garden

Mr Mayor

Introducing our new Dance Teaching assistants

Toy Appreciation Assembly

Christmas Assembly

P4C What is love?

Christmas dinner in a bun

Litter Pickers

Stanford’s Got Talent

Healthy Tuck Shop

Christmas Dinner

Christmas Fayre

Litter Picking Project

Road Safety Week

Road Safety Week: Can I remember to Stop! Look! Listen! and Think?

Ryan Smith Foundation Assembly

How can apples and toothpaste teach us about tolerance?

Tolerance Day - 'Mix it up' lunchtime

Can I understand the word tolerance and listen and respond to Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech?

Can I learn about a charity?

How to Banish Bullies

First Aid

Anti-Bullying Week!

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

Discussing and Debating

Remembrance Day

Peace Poem

Thinking about Peace

Community ICT Workshop

Dance Club


Litter Picker Team


Healthy Tuck Shop

Breaktimes and Lunchtimes

Road Safety Committee

Macmillan Coffee Morning


British Values

Head Boy and Head Girl

Roof Building Project

Road Safety Sticker Day

Cake Sale

Music Workshop

Persuasive Letters

Letter to Theresa May!

Well Done Alice!

Relax Kids

Great Get Together

Human Bingo

Cakes with Mrs Kelly

Growing up and keeping safe

Water Safety

How and election works

Walk to School Week

Feeling Relaxed

Founders Day

Our Thoughts With Manchester

Healthy Eating Workshops

Road Safety Sticker Day

Thank You


Learning Basic First Aid

Well Done Emily!

Relax kids

Humberside Fire Service

When the going gets tough, how do we cope?

Feeling unhappy? How could we help?

Mental Health

International Day of Happiness

Red Nose Day

After School Club

Dentist Visit

Healthy Eating

Sticker Day Campaign

Internet Questions

Internet Safety Week

How Safe is the Internet?



'Stanford in Action' evening

Breakfast Club

Gung Hay Fat Choy! – Happy New Year.

This week we have been celebrating the Chinese New Year, the year of the ‘Dog’. There have been lots of different activities including, listening to the Chinese Zodiac story and sequencing the animals, tasting Chinese food, serving customers in the Chinese restaurant and using chopsticks! Next, we learnt some Chinese words, sang songs, made and performed a dragon dance around school and wrote in Chinese too!

Friendship Activity event

We had a lovely Friendship Activity event after school – pupils came along to make friendship bracelets, do craft activities and enjoy a chat over a biscuit and a juice. Thank you to the staff for supporting this – lots of kind words from everyone!

Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health and Well-Being of children and staff at Stanford School is very important to us.

As part of Mental Health Awareness Day, each class participated in activities that were age appropriate to discuss how we can help to look after ourselves and each other. FS looked at people who we can talk to and look up to as role models, KS1 discussed different feelings and how 'It's Ok!' to feel certain ways. KS2 discussed different types of mental illness and how we can support one another.

We presented our work and ideas in a whole school assembly, the key theme that we are going to continue to focus on is "It's Good to Talk!".

Poppy Class

Finley asked "What is Mental Health?"

Jacob replied "It’s how you feel inside."

Lily said "Good mental health is when you can cope with lots of different emotions."

Emotions like feeling sad, happy, angry, embarrassed, confident, nervous etc.

All of these emotions are quite normal and we all said ‘It’s OK!’

"Good Mental Health is experiencing different emotion, knowing IT’S OK!" exclaimed Anthony.

After School Activities

Children have enjoyed taking part in our Friendship and Valentine after school activities.  There were lots of things to do including, making friendship bracelets and drawing a row of friendship friends.  

Radio Humberside

Carl Wheatley from Radio Humberside visited school today to speak with the pupils about all the exciting learning that goes on at Stanford. As always, the pupils did us proud and were very articulate. Please tune in to listen to the interviews on Radio Humberside during the week beginning Monday 19th February 2018 at 7.50am.

Can I write a poem about dignity?

Children in Star Anise Class wrote special poems for World Dignity Day. Three representatives from the class were lucky enough to perform their thought-provoking poem at Cloverdale Residental Home in Laceby. The residents and staff were really moved by what they heard. Here is their special poem:

Dignity and Respect


Two words, two different meanings,
But they are often used wrongly,
Dignity is the ability to stand strong and tall,
In the face of your troubles,
Always have your head held high,
Keep fighting for your dignity,


A lesson that everyone should learn,
It can’t be ordered,
Only given as a gift,
Respect is the anchor that keeps a person well grounded,
But most importantly,
Give it to get it

Dignity and Respect

We are not perfect human beings,
Nor do we have to pretend to be,
Respect and dignity is the
Thing that keeps the world well balanced,
Death with dignity is better,
Than life with humiliation,
You should never sacrifice,
Four things,
Your family,
Your heart,
Your dignity,
Your respect.

Can I discuss my feelings and emotions?

In sunflower Class, we think it is important to talk about our feelings.

Neve: I cry when I am hurt. Harry: I worry about other people. I hope they are playing safely outside.
Summer: I feel sad when my friends leave me out. I can feel very, very sad then.
James: I can feel OK when I am playing with my friends.
Taylor: I feel happy when my friends let me play.
Oliver H: If somebody scared me, it would make me shocked!
Lucas: I feel embarrassed when I don't know what to say.

Community High Tea Thank You

We had a lovely Community High Tea Thank You Event yesterday – we wanted to let all the volunteers who help our school know how valued and special their contributions are. Thank you to all the pupils and staff for making and serving the refreshments. All the guests enjoyed the performances and entertainment. Special thanks to the year 6 helpers -Joe, Jessica, Lucie and Harvey who helped make sure the event ran smoothly.

One visitor commented," A lovely event. Pupils were very welcoming and friendly – they entertained us with a wonderful variety of well-rehearsed, interesting and fun performances. A very special afternoon."

Tolerance Assembly

Premier Sports came in and delivered an assembly on tolerance and what should and shouldn't be tolerated. Pupils used different coloured cards to represent how they feel about different aspects and scenarios.

Peace Garden

Pupils have designed beautiful, thoughtful peace pebbles for the peace garden. A team of helpful year 3 pupils worked with volunteers to improve the outdoor area and start a peace garden. We have further plans to develop a peaceful seating area for reflection and reading too. Do you like the difference?

Mr Mayor

Mr Mayor visited the school today to lead an assembly and meet the Pupil Voice team.

Ethan (Head Boy) and Jasmin (Head Girl) along with the Road Safety Group and Litter Picker Group spoke about the exciting learning at school. They also discussed the opportunities the pupils at Stanford have to steer the curriculum, carry out responsibilities and plan events.

Mr Mayor spoke about the importance of helping the community and making a positive change. He mentioned the importance of environmental awareness and we promised to keep him updated of the work we do.

Thank you to Mr Mayor and Councillor Hasthorpe for joining us today – the pupils were inspired!

Introducing our new Dance Teaching assistants

At lunchtimes Miss Cullen leads (along with her trusty assistants) a fun dance routine  on the KS1 playground to keep everyone active.  

Toy Appreciation Assembly

Well done to the pupil voice group in year 5 who led a ‘Toy Appreciation’ assembly this morning to the whole school about sensibly looking after our playground equipment. The group also shared ideas for new games and used role –play to support this.  The group will be monitoring and rewarding improvements during break times.

Christmas Assembly

We had a fantastic end of term assembly – brilliant singing, great atmosphere and lots of rewards for behaviour, great reading at the library and for 100% attendance. A special Goodbye to Mr Hawkins and Mr Leach. Merry Christmas Everyone.

P4C What is love?

Love has no labels.

We talked about what love is and how it made us feel.

Anthony said ‘Love makes you feel comfy inside.’

We watched the love has no labels video

We saw how inside everyone looked the same. We talked about how ‘comfy’ love feels when it is given and returned.

We agreed that love has no gender, no race, no religion, no age and no disability.
We agreed that love has no labels.

Connor said ‘We can love everyone, it doesn’t matter if their skin or religion are different.’
Anthony added ‘The most important thing in families is love. They may look similar or different.’

Christmas dinner in a bun

Great staff lunch time event – Christmas dinner in a bun!

Litter Pickers

Well done to the Litter Picker team for motivating and encouraging others to take part – excellent team effort. Thank you to Jessica for organising cards and rewards as a treat for the team!

Stanford’s Got Talent

Wow- well done to all the finalists in Stanford’s Got Talent Show – brilliant performances enjoyed by the whole school . Well done to the team of judges and thank you to Mrs Cawley for co-ordinating. The winner was judged by the school – congratulations to James for excellent singing and a very emotional performance.

Healthy Tuck Shop

Well done to the yr 6 pupils who run and organise the Healthy Tuck Shop – date scones, fruit jellies and cheese and crackers went down really well!

Christmas Dinner 8 December

Stanford enjoyed their Christmas Dinner today – the kitchen provided lovely Christmas dinners for the pupils. There was a wonderful atmosphere and the builders from the school’s roof project and the Asset Team attended along with school governors. Year 6 pupils played the guitar and drums to entertain the visitors. Mrs Brady led a Christmas sing-a-long and everyone enjoyed the festive feeling! Thank you everyone for your support.

Christmas Fayre

Stanford enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Fayre this evening. Thank you for all your support. The pupils designed and created wonderful gifts to sell on their Christmas Market stalls as part of their enterprise learning. For example, there were homemade shortbread biscuits, Christmas lanterns and tree decorations along with marshmallow lollies to choose from! Volunteers and staff helped run the Tombola, the raffle, the refreshments, the cake stall and many other exciting stalls. Also, Santa made a visit to the fayre and the Grotto proved a very popular choice!

We will keep you posted about the funds that have been raised but would like to thank you very much for your time and kind donations. Merry Christmas!

Litter Picking Project

Pupils continue to support our litter-picking project – they show dedication by litter-picking every break time and have inspired other pupils to join in. Well done and thank you.

Road Safety Week

Thank you to the community members who supported our Road Safety Week activities. Pupils led workshops all about ‘Keeping Safe on the Roads’ and were inspired by the assembly led by the Ryan Smith Foundation and the workshops earlier in the week led by Mr Cullan , the County Road Safety Officer. The Coffee Afternoon to raise funds for bike helmets was really well attended too. Our Road Safety Committee worked hard to organise these events - thank you for your continued support.

Road Safety Week: Can I remember to Stop! Look! Listen! and Think?

This week Key Stage 1 have been learning all about road safety. They had a really interesting talk from Alison and Dave who explained how to keep safe and cross roads safely.

Sunflower Class made a road safety poster and shared their important messages.

Can you sing a song about road safety?

Ryan Smith Foundation Assembly

Debbie from The Ryan Smith Foundation came to talk to pupils about the importance of wearing a helmet. She spoke about Ryan and how his life has changed dramatically, all because he didn't wear a helmet. She used eggs to demonstrate what can happen if a helmet is not worn. It was a very informative assembly and the pupils really enjoyed this.

How can apples and toothpaste teach us about tolerance?

The children were introduced to 2 new ‘classmates’ Bramley & Russet.  They were nervous because they were different to everyone else in the class. They were then put in a bag and were passed around the class. The children were told to say unkind things about them and give them a slight knock. 

We looked at them when they had been around the class. Apart from a few ‘juice tears’ they looked fine. We then left them to fend for themselves for the rest of the day and ignored them.

At the end of the day we looked at Bramley and Russet again. They were still smiling and seemed the same but when we looked under their skin we could see the bruising that our knocks and unkind words had caused.

The children were able to see that although people can look OK on the outside they can secretly be hurting when others are unkind.

The children then took part in a competition. In their teams they had to see who could be the first to empty out a tube of toothpaste.

The children found this really easy and could empty out the toothpaste very quickly.

The children were then given the second part of the competition. In pairs they had to put all the toothpaste back into the tube using lolly sticks.

The children found this impossible as the toothpaste would not go back into the tubes, instead they got toothpaste everywhere.

The children were then told the names of their toothpastes - Calling Names, Unkind Comments, Unkind Laughter, Lies and Unkind Jokes.

As a class we were able to discuss how it was very easy for these to come out of the ‘mouth’ of the tube but once the toothpaste was out it couldn’t be put back and all the children were left with was a mess for them to clean up.

The children were then asked to link this with things they could say to each other.

Now the children knew what the toothpaste represented I asked them what they should do in future if they wanted to say these kinds of things and they decided that they should keep the lid on ‘the toothpaste’ and not say anything at all. Well done class!

Tolerance Day - 'Mix it up' lunchtime

As a part of our activities during the day we had a 'Mix it up' lunchtime. The tables were given names using words that encourage tolerance such as: peace, happiness and love.

The children had to pick a card and sit at their chosen table. This was to encourage them to socialise and share lunchtime with different children and to give them an opportunity to make new friends.

The children enjoyed this change to the normal lunchtime routine.

Charlie (Y1) 'I met a new friend called Azem. We chatted together.'
Oscar (Y1) 'It was exciting to find out which table I was going to go to.'
Betsie (Y2) 'I met a new friend and we talked about friendship.'
Anthony (Y2) 'I was excited to sit with someone new.' Ryan (Y3) ' People were nice on my table.'
Amelia (Y3) 'I enjoyed talking to someone new.'
William (Y5) 'We interacted with new people and made new friends. I think we should do this every day.'
Rebecca (Y5) 'It was really fun. It was good to sit with people we don't normally talk to.'

Can I understand the word tolerance and listen and respond to Martin Luther King Jr's I Have a Dream speech?

Barley class studied Martin Luther King Jr's famous speech called 'I have a dream' and discussed the word tolerance and segregation. We learnt that being tolerant is being accepting of everyone and that segregation is not right. We then took inspiration from I have a dream to create our own dreams four ourselves and our dreams for the world.

How to Banish Bullies

As part of Anti bullying week, "All equal all Different" we created our own recipes "How to Banish Bullies"

A few of us shared our recipes in assembly.

Can I learn about a charity?

Sunflower Class learnt about the Children in Need charity. They found out some of the ways the charity helps children and their families. On Children in Need Day everyone donated coins and placed them on to pictures of Pudsey.

First Aid

Barley class worked with The Red Cross to learn basic first aid. They learnt about how to administer first aid in an emergency, from making the phone call to helping them. We acted out scenes on how to treat someone who was injured. We learnt how to put people in the recovery position and what to do if someone has burnt themselves, deep cuts, seizures, broken bones and allergic reactions. We had a great afternoon and learnt some important skills that could save someone's life

Anti-Bullying Week!

Pumpkin Class

This week we have been looking at anti-bullying with the theme "All Different, all equal". We looked at a jigsaw with some pieces missing and the children saw that every piece has to be in place for it to be complete.

They were then shown a jigsaw piece with the words 'Pumpkin class' and asked how could we complete this puzzle. The children were all given the same jigsaw piece and were asked to write on it all the things that made them unique. We put all these pieces together to show our how we all fit together to make something wonderful - our class.

Star Anise Class

As you know this week has been Anti- Bullying Week. Star Anise have been discussing acts of kindness and have been busy making kind hands. We thought about people we could trust who we could tell if we are being bullied and wrote their names on our cut out hands.

We created a paper chain of kindness, we had a strip of coloured paper and wrote our kindness pledge on it. We also looked at the "Be Kind Campaign" which has been launched by the TV programme This Morning hosted by Phil and Holly.

As Holly said " How much better the world would be if everyone was just that bit kinder to each other?"

Written by Mareen, Darcie and Rebecca

Barley Class

Barley class became Agony Aunts during anti- bullying week. They worked collaboratively to create different scenarios that required advice. They wrote letters to their Agony Aunt, created a freeze frame of this and then wrote their reply, giving advice on how they could stop the bullying. The outcomes were fantastic, with meaningful and helpful advice given

Philosophy for Children (P4C)

This week in Seedlings Class we linked our Philosophy for Children (P4C) questions to Anti-bullying and Tolerance.  Here are our responses.

Discussing and debating

In English Star Anise Class have been discussing and debating if this quote from our book " Floodland" is true

"They're just people. They're not good or bad. It's just these are bad times and it makes people do bad things". said by a character from our book, who's name is William.

We have written a debate letter to a place in our book, Eels Island, we are writing as the main character, Zoe.

By James Marsden 

Remembrance Day

To mark ‘Remembrance Day’ this weekend we have been learning about why people wear poppies. We made a poppy wreath, created clay poppies and wrote about poppy day. We talked about a Remembrance service and how people stand silently for 2 minutes to remember the soldiers who have died in the war.

Peace Poem

In Juniper Class we S all shared our poem Peace is around our 3/4 garden. As we said our line we placed our peace pebble around the edge. We had a few moments quiet reflection thinking about the importance of peace within our own lives, in the community, in the country and in the world.

Peace is ….

Peace is a feeling like love and no harm to anything that is alive or dead.  Sophie

Peace is stroking my kitten or reading a book – calm, loved, loving, happy.  Nour

Peace is harmony and happiness. It can’t be bought from a supermarket, you have to earn it.  Keira

Peace is a feeling when you have friends that make you laugh, cheer you up, be kind, caring and share.

Peace is a feeling, feel it and believe in it always no matter what. Always believe in peace.  Maddi

Peace is love and kindness so we have to be it to one another always.  Auden

Peace is a harmony within the world.  Freddie P

Peace is when you have friends that make you laugh, cheer you up, are kind, caring and share.  Ewan

Peace is being a part of peace.  You need to make a start and practise it.  Olli

Peace is when everyone gets along and has fun.  No wars.  Lily J

Peace is love. Don’t fight.  Make friends with enemies.  Freddie G

Peace is when people are at one with each other.  The power of love can conquer all. Peace will always win.  Lucy

Peace is to me quiet and calm time alone with your thoughts. Isobel

Peace is light and love and dark is misery and hate.  Always choose Peace.  Daisylou

Peace means accepting, understanding, respecting all difference.  Never be mean.  Sam.

Peace is achieved by facing your enemies to solve problems. Emma D

Peace is a feeling you can’t buy.  You must earn it. Lily MM

Peace is harmony. Its calm. It’s amazing. Don’t fight enemies. Be kind Ashton

Peace is when everyone gets along, no fighting and no nastiness.  Lauren

Peace is quiet and calm.  No fighting or arguing.  Jacob

Peace is when you make a new best friend.  Alfie H

Peace is calm and sharing.  Scarlett

Peace is not in the air. You can’t just grab it. You need to earn it.  Daisy B

Peace is love .  Think of all the loved ones that died in the war.  Holly W

Peace is harmony. Relaxing and enjoying.  Mac

Peace is love and kindness.  Grace

Peace is a feeling that is relaxing and being peaceful.  Charlotte

Peace is harmony. Be friendly without enemies.  Thomas

Peace is a feeling inside that makes you feel calm. Alfie D

Peace is a warm beach with waves splashing. Everyone smiling Evan

Peace is  a quiet beach by myself in the sun.  Cameron

Peace is harmony.  A warm feeling and being balanced Emma J

Peace is something in your heart not what you can get from other people  Rebecca

Peace is hugging my dog Roxy.  AJ

Peace is the beach.  Ashley

By Juniper Class

Thinking about Peace

We have been exploring the concept of Peace during our RE lessons.

We shared our thoughts and ideas of what images we thought of when we think of peace. We used these to design our own peace pebble.

Today we reflected on what peace means by listening to a variety of famous quotes about peace. We then shared our own thoughts on what peace means.

We collaborated all our ideas to create a class poem which we will share in our Remembrance service tomorrow.

Community ICT Workshop

Our Community ICT Workshop has been very successful and well attended. Pupils supported community members who were keen to develop their ICT skills in an after-school club at school. Pupils explained how to use power point and helped the group develop their understanding. Thank you to the pupils who were the ICT teachers for the evening and to Mr Hawkins for facilitating the event.

Dance Club

Miss Cullen leads a dance club at lunchtime and is supported by Emma and Charlie in their Assistant Dance Teacher role. They even have name cards like all the other  staff.  They take their responsibility very seriously and encourage all members of the club to have fun and try their best. Well done!


In English today we worked in small groups imagining if we were Eels on Eels Island. We considered the following questions; What rules will they need? How will they organise themselves, or distribute food? We designed a list of rules for life on Eels Island. This work is linked to our Power of Reading book' FLOODLAND' by Marcus Sedgwick.

Litter Picker Team

Pupil Voice is really important to us – groups of pupils led interesting assemblies today in school. The Litter Picker team praised pupils for using the bins and encouraged them to join their team. The Play Leaders led an assembly all about the games and equipment we use at break times and introduced all the Buddies and Play Leaders by name – everyone is there to help make our playtimes fun and engaging. Well done everyone.


Year 5 pupils took part in the Bikeability scheme to develop their  skills and knowledge to ensure they are safe on the roads


Healthy Tuck Shop

The Healthy Tuck Shop led by the Well Being Team and Year 6 pupils is a real success. Pupils made banana bread and muesli treats to sell. There was also sugar-free fruit jelly and yummy carrot sticks on offer to choose. Year 6 pupils reported lots of positive feedback from customers today who loved the choice of healthy snacks.

Breaktimes and Lunchtimes

We are so proud of the sensible play pupils get involved with at breaktimes and lunchtimes. They co-operate well, share equipment and use the resources sensibly. Check out the photos of today’s lunchtime. Our Pupil Voice team have been ordering some new resources this week too and Mr Hawkins will be sharing information about a new lunchtime sports club very soon! Our Play Leaders help organise fun games and today Mr Leach played catch with a group of keen cricketers.

Road Safety Committee

Our Road Safety Committee met today to time how long it takes to walk from safe parking areas in Laceby. They will be designing a road safety leaflet for parents and pupils too in order to share the useful information. We have also planned a Fundraising Coffee afternoon on 24.11.17 at 2.00pm to raise funds for bike helmets. We are also looking forward to PCSO Marc Ireland and Mr Cullam from NEL Road Safety Team working with the pupils on road safety issues. Many thanks to the pupils, staff and community members, Mrs Greenbeck, Mrs Metcalf and Mrs Griffiths for their time and support.

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you for your support for the MacMillan Coffee Morning held at Stanford Centre today. The pupils performed lovely songs and poems. Everyone enjoyed the cakes and refreshments. Thank you for your donations towards this worthwhile cause.


The pupils have enjoyed celebrating Harvest. KS 1 and KS 2 pupils have taken part in a Service at St Margaret’s Church and Mr Stevens visited FS stage this morning to lead a special assembly. Well done everyone – the singing was beautiful and everyone performed their poetry and reading with clear and loud voices. Some groups took part in choral speaking really well and Ethan, Head Boy, and Jasmin, Head Girl, introduced the order of service confidently. The Governors who attended agreed that the events were very special. Thank you for all your donations of food which will be going to Harbour Place. Juniper class summed it up perfectly, ‘Lettuce care for one another.’


Thank you Mr Stevens, Mrs Mawer and Mr Read for welcoming our KS 1 pupils to St Margaret’s Church today for the Harvest Service. The singing was beautiful and the children listened very well to Mr Steven’s important message about sharing.
Awis said, ‘I enjoyed the singing.’
Olivia said, ‘ I will remember the chocolate cake – it taught us how important it is to share.’
Isabella said, ‘I like joining in with prayers.
Thanks too to all the staff and Governors who helped with the trip – a very memorable first trip to Church with school for KS 1.

British Values

Councillor Hasthorpe

Councillor Hasthorpe visited school today to lead an assembly about British Values. The pupils listened really well and discussed values, respect, tolerance and equality. Councillor Hasthorpe explained how Parliament works and the importance of us all working together as one big family to make positive changes for the world. Our pupils felt inspired and classes will be doing more follow up learning on this in their SMSC and Philosophy for Children work. Thank you Councillor Hasthorpe for your time and support.

Head Boy and Head Girl 2017

The votes have been counted and verified and we can now reveal that our Head Boy and Head Girl for 2017 is Ethan and Jasmin! Well done to every Y6 pupil that took part, everyone was fantastic!

Roof Building Project

Steve from the County Asset Team visited us to lead an assembly all about the roof building project at school – he talked about the equipment the builders use and the importance of safety. The pupils all listened really well and it seems quite a few family members are working on the roof!

Road Safety Sticker Day

We are so pleased with the turn out for our monthly Road Safety Sticker Day – despite a rainy Monday morning we had lots of pupils and families who chose to walk, bike or scoot to school this morning. Well done everyone and thank you for your support. Particular thanks to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Greenbeck and Mrs Metcalf from the Parish Council , Mrs Smith from the Governors along with Head Boy , Connor , and Joe for their support today amongst the rain drops!

Cake Sale

Well done to the pupils who organised a cake sale in support of ARC – the pupils are very proud to have raised a substantial amount of donations. We were very impressed with the skills the pupils showed in ensuring the event was a success – the group led an assembly, organised posters, wrote letters to each class and were very busy baking! Well done Jessica, Rebecca,  Esmae and DaisyLou.

Music Workshop

We learned about different styles of music from the 1940s up to 2017, from a professional band. The band also backed us as we sang 'Summer Holidays' - it was a fantastic day full of learning opportunities.

Harrison played 'Apache' on his guitar: 'I was overjoyed and really excited to be performing with an actual professional band. It was awesome!'

Olivia and Thomas were able to play the cowbell and the tambourine too: 'I loved learning about the different styles of music and about the different instruments. It was great to join in and play ' Play that Funky Music' with the band.'

Lucie: 'I enjoyed listening to the band, especially learning about the different styles of music and how much music has changed over the decades. They were fantastic!'

Can we write formal persuasive letters?

Sunflower Class have been writing letters to Caistor Lions and the St. James Rotary Club asking for donations towards an exciting Art project.

Finley- We will be making a special friendship wall in the playground.

Oscar- We will be working with Zoe the artist again.

Cerys- It will make the playground nicer and there will be a place for us to stop and make friends. Elissa- The children will paint designs with Zoe.

Today Mr. Kemp from The Caistor Lions visited Sunflower Class and kindly presented a cheque for £480. Mrs. Brady would like to thank Caistor Lions for this very generous donation and would also like to congratulate the children for writing such wonderful letters. Mr. Kemp is looking forward to returning to school to see the finished project.

Letter to Theresa May!

Barley class recently wrote inspiring, thought- provoking poems based on three words; love, hope and unity. After showcasing these at our recent Get Together event, in memory of Jo Cox, Mrs Smith, Governors and staff felt that these poems were too brilliant and needed to be sent to our Prime Minister Theresa May. Abbie and Sophie have written a wonderful letter explaining what Barley class have done and also their thoughts and feelings. Alysia has also made a logo representing these three words. Truly inspiring for others to see. We hope we hear a reply from Theresa May!

Well Done Alice!

A massive well done to Alice in Barley Class – she supported the Little Princess Charity by getting her hair cut. We are really impressed with her thought and kindness and we all supported her in a special assembly, along with her mum and hairdresser! Please donate if you can. Thanks

Relax kids

Seedlings class have been working with Amy from 'Relax Kids' to learn about ways to relax and be calm.

First, we imagined we were in a desert and walked in the sand before visiting a city and playing a game as we moved around. Next, we stretch up as high as the mountains and brought down a creature before learning how to breathe in through our nose ans slowly out through our mouths with our teddy on our tummy. Finally, we curled up with our teddies and listened to some clam, twinkling music.

What a wonderful relaxing afternoon. Thank you Amy.

Great Get Together

Juniper Class

In Juniper class we have been thinking about the meaning of Community. We considered the benefits of the different communities we each belong to. We thought about how this related to Jo Cox's Quote, " We are far more united and have far more in common with each other than things that divide us."

Together we created a poster with what community means to us. We used the symbol of a tree.

We thought how are communities like trees? Here are some of our ideas:

Rebecca, " Roots hold the community strong for lots of Years."

Auden "The branches are like the different community groups. Some are long and some short. All different but all part of a larger group. "

Sophie, "The leaves like people are all different. They may have different patterns, shades, sizes, textures but they are all leaves and do the same jobs - shelter and make food. People are all different shapes and sizes and have different things they like but every one is human and lots of the same things we need are the same. We need family and shelter and food and friends. Also everyone likes to have fun."

James, "The tree is home to lots of different species all different but in harmony with each other."

Jacob, "Each tree is individual but everyone does a similar jobs with the same parts."

George, "The bark protects the tree and communities support and protect people."

Esmae, "The leaves make oxygen which we all need to live and people need communities."

We shared our ideas during todays Great Get together event.

During the week some of us made cakes and biscuits for the event which we shared together - our own Juniper Class community

Star Anise Class

Jo Cox's legacy has left us with her very important words (first speech to parliament) :
“We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.”

Star Anise enjoyed taking part in The GREAT Get Together today.  We took it in turns to run the cake stall. 

Jack W & Charlie E: The cake sale is going really well, everyone is asking us about our cakes. We are selling them at 25p and some people are buying one pounds worth.
Abi, Darcy & Issy: We have done such a good job today. We only have 28 cakes left.
We mixed and mingled with our guests (people we didn’t necessarily know) finding out about them as we played Human Bingo. 
Scarlett: Human Bingo was really exciting.  I really enjoyed talking to people and they were really happy to speak to us.
We entertained the guests with our Railway Song (using our instruments), we sang Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do with our four lead singers boldly singing the verses.  We also played three songs on our violas.
Alfie: I really enjoy playing the Viola. Everybody enjoyed watching us and we made people smile.
James: I am so proud to sing in front of my mum.  I think everyone enjoyed our singing because they were all smiling and I don’t think that they have heard the words to all of the verses before.

Do you know the words to the verses?

Human Bingo

Human Bingo is a quick and quirky way to get to know people that you may not have met before. It often throws up a few surprises. It’s great for breaking the ice and getting conversations going, because the whole idea is simply to chat with people to find out more about them.

How to play: mix and mingle with everyone and by talking to people try to find out who can put their name next to the statements on your sheet.

Every box should have a different person’s name in it. Star Anise thought that this would be a fantastic idea to use at the Great Get Together morning.

Star Anise worked in groups to think of statements that we might like to find out about people of Laceby when we speak to them at The GREAT Get Together on Friday.

Cakes with Mrs Kelly

In preparation for The GREAT get together on Friday Mrs Kelly has been baking cakes with groups of children in Star Anise. The children had to calculate their ingredients by doubling the recipe. Each group made 30 individual cakes topped with marshmallows. Bring you pennies and come and join us on Friday.

Growing Up and Keeping Safe

Big Talk Education were asked to lead a workshop for parents all about our SRE curriculum about ‘Growing Up and Keeping Safe.’ This work links to Internet Safety work too. Thank you to those who attended – the feedback was very positive. Big Talk Education will be leading lessons in school this term and working with the teachers and pupils.

Water Safety

Callum from Grimsby Aquatics Swimming School led our school assembly today on the theme of ‘Water Safety.’ Keeping yourself and other safe is very important to us at Stanford and this links with the work we do on Internet Safety, Fire Safety and Road Safety etc.

British Values: Can I learn how an election works?

Sunflower Class

Sunflower Class found out how to vote today. They discussed what was happening in the General Election and participated in the voting process themselves. They each cast their vote in order to choose a charity that the school would raise funds for.

Before they visited the polling station (school library) they listened carefully and discussed information about each charity. The charities were: Unicef, Blue Cross, Teenage Cancer Trust, Manchester One Love and St. Andrew's Hospice.

Jacob- I put an X in the box next to my favourite charity.
Lily- I had to fold up my voting slip and put it in a box.
Dexter- I really hope my charity wins.
Sam- It was fair because everyone could vote.

Star Anise

Star Anise found out how to vote today. As a school pupil voice decided to have a vote on which charity we would like to support in school this year. We discussed what was happening in the General Election and then we participated in the voting process ourselves. Each child cast their vote in order to choose a charity that the school would raise funds for.

Before they visited the polling station (school library) they listened to information about each charity. The charities were: Unicef, Blue Cross, Teenage Cancer Trust, Manchester One Love and St. Andrew's Hospice.

Charlie W: I put an X in the box next to my favourite charity – there was only one I wanted to choose.

Scarlett: I had to fold up my voting slip before I put it in the box.

Issy: This was all very exciting as we are allowed to vote like adults.

Alfie: It was hard not to tell anyone which one I was going to vote for.

The votes were counted and verified with the winner being... Blue Cross!

Mustard Class

Mustard class worked in groups to research information about a variety of charities and then gave a presentation back to the rest of the class, so that they all understood what each charity represented. They then all took part in a secret vote using ballot papers and posted their votes in a ballot box.

This was all very exciting and allowed them to vote like adults.

Barley Class

Recently, Barley class have been learning about the general election and the parties that are involved. As a school pupil voice decided to have a vote on which charity we would like to support in school this year: One Love, Unicef, St Andrews Hospice, Teenage Cancer Trust and Blue Cross

Barley class worked in groups to research information about the charities that we were voting for and then gave a presentation back to the rest of the class, so that they all understood what each charity represented. They then all took part in a secret vote using ballot papers and posted their votes in a ballot box.

This was all very exciting and allowed them to vote like adults. The votes were counted and verified with the winner being... Blue Cross!

Walk to School Week

Juniper Class

Wow what a healthy class. All these pupils either walked, scooted or biked to school every day as part of Walk to School week.

Star Anise Class

During Walk to School Week two of our Star Anise mathematicians were challenged to work out the percentages for each day. They were enthusiastic about doing this even though it was tricky at first. It was a perfect opportunity for real-life mathematics and using and applying their mathematics skills.

Josef: It was tricky at first and we had to make sure we added up the totals correctly and took away the number of children that were not at school.

Charlie E: When we got the number on the calculator we had to round the number up or down depending on what it said after the decimal point.

Our percentages for the week were: Monday 69%; Tuesday 70%; Wednesday 75%; Thursday 88%; Friday 91%.

Challenge: What was our average percentage ?

Feeling relaxed

Juniper class practised some yoga moves under the shade of our wonderful Oak tree.

“I had to really concentrate to keep my balance.” Rebecca
“I loved being outside especially near this tree on a hot day.” Owyn
“I felt lovely and relaxed and calm afterwards.” Auden

Founder’s Day

What an amazing day and what a wonderful church service. A very big thank you to James Marsden who stood in to read Mia’s part in her absence on the day. All of our speakers: James, Frankie, Scarlett & Abi read audibly, clearly and thoughtfully.

Sarah Stanford’s interest in education came from family connections and an appreciation that education ‘for all’ was important. She was born Sarah Fountain and married Philip. Philip & Sarah were farmers in Laceby. It was in his will dated 1712 that Philip left all his lands and all his money to Sarah. Whilst he stipulated it should be used “To settle upon such poor widows or other charitable causes she thought fit”. After careful consideration Sarah set up the charitable trust and named it The Stanford Trust.

One of the five main causes of The Stanford Trust was that a school was to be founded. This was to educate children from Laceby, Barnoldby-le-Beck and Bradley. Sarah further insisted the subjects that were to be taught.

The most interesting subject named was ‘that girls should be taught to cast accounts”. This means they needed to taught, and able to do mathematics. If you were a girl in Laceby, Barnoldby-le-Beck or Bradley this would have been fantastic news – you were going to get an education.

Many members of Star Anise also sang with the choir. They sang a beautiful rendition of ‘Butterfly’.

Our thoughts with Manchester

For our Star Anise class assembly today we shared our thoughts with the people of Manchester. We sent them our love and asked them to stay strong and united. We wrote our thoughts and messages on hearts. We decided to learn the words to Arianna Grande’s song ‘One More Time’ as a way to support the victims.

Healthy Eating Workshops

Food for Fitness led workshops for parents and pupils all about health eating. Pupils enjoyed preparing food from scratch and tasting the delicious choices – they were inspired to start cooking! Thank you to the families who attended and to Mrs Harvey for leading these workshops.

Road Safety Sticker Day

This month’s Road Safety Sticker Day was another great success – 207 pupils (89%)  chose to walk, bike or scoot to school today to help reduce traffic congestion and make healthy choices ! Well done! Great community links, support from parents, pupils and staff. Abi (Head Girl) and Connor (Head Boy) were great role models too and also helped hand out stickers.  Many thanks.


Year 3 prepared and made a healthy and tasty meal using tomatoes and herbs as the main ingredients.  They made pasta with tomato and basil sauce with herby garlic bread. This involved ensuring hygiene procedures were used, following a recipe, and evaluating the finished dish. Most agreed it was delicious!  Many were inspired to want to cook this recipe using fresh ingredients at home.  We also identified which part of the Eat well plate each of the ingredients belonged to applying our previous learning on healthy eating.

The Club - Thank you!

We are very grateful for the community links we have – thank you for the donations from His Church Charity and GTFC regarding free breakfast cereal for The Club at Stanford.

Can I learn basic First Aid skills?

Barley class learnt the basic skills needed in First Aid. They worked in small groups to act out what they would do in different scenarios.

Well Done Emily!

We are so proud of Emily who swam 5Ks for the Marie Curie Charity – she has raised £855! Well done Emily! Thanks to those who supported her too – Alysia was there to cheer her friend on and award the medal!

Relax Kids

Mrs Gresham came and worked with Barley class on ways to help them relax, breathing exercises and mindfulness exercises.

Some of the activities pupils took part in were describing themselves using one word, listening to relaxing music- meditating, 'compliment cloud'. Pupils were shown how to relax their bodies by shaking out their arms, legs, rotating their ankles and wrists. Making a figure of 8 round their eyes and rubbing their cheeks in a circular motion also helps you relax.

The pupils had a wonderful afternoon, thank you to Mrs Gresham for delivering these sessions- the pupils really enjoyed relax kids programme!

Humberside Fire Service 27 April

Foundation and KS1

Today our assembly was led by Sara and Shona from the Humberside Fire and Rescue Service who talk to us about Fire Safety. We learnt about smoke alarms and which rooms to put them in around our homes. Then we were told what to do if someones clothes caught fire and to 'STOP, DROP and ROLL'. Can you tell a grown up the rhyme? 'Get out, Stay out, call 999'


The Humberside Fire and Rescue team came to speak to Key Stage 2 pupils about the dangers of fires, what to do in an emergency and also what to do if there is a fire. Pupils asked some excellent questions and learnt about fire safety.

LQ: When the going gets tough, how do we cope?

Barley class have been discussion the following question, 'When the going gets tough, how do we cope? We had an excellent discussion on the different types of activities we do when we are feeling stressed, worried or in need of a break. Barley class use a wide range of activities to help them relax.

Mental Health Discussion: Feeling unhappy? How could we help?

The Sunflowers discussed how important it is to look after each other and enjoy good health. They agreed that healthy eating and exercise are important ways to look after our bodies. Then they thought about looking after our mental health. If someone was feeling unhappy, how could we help them?

Stanley- Give them a card to cheer them up.
Holly- Talk to them and ask what's wrong.
Finley- Listen carefully to them. It might help them to just talk about their problems.
Ella- Let Mrs. Cawley talk to them. She helps people when they are worried.
Awis- I would help someone who was upset by putting their things away for them.

Mustard Class: Mental Health

We were asked to consider what is meant by Mental health as part of our SMSC (Social, moral, spiritual and cultural) learning.

We talked with partners and in small groups to discuss positive and negative mental health and thought of strategies to help us when we have negative feelings.  Some of the responses were recorded on the interactive white board.

Most of us had a clearer insight as to what mental health meant by the end of the lesson.

International Day of Happiness

Red Nose Day

Sunflower Class raised a total of £27.35 on Red Nose Day for Comic Relief. Well done everyone!

After School Club

Thank you to the members of the after-school club for donating their lovely baking to raise funds for Red Nose Day. The pupils enjoyed developing their baking skills too and there were lots of happy customers.

Dentist Visit

Children from Seedlings class have been learning about how the dentist helps us and ways to look after our teeth. Tracy, the dentist, showed us some of her tools and equipment then talked about how to brush our teeth correctly for 2 minutes. Tracy then showed us some real teeth that had not been brushed correctly and had tooth decay! Next, we played a game to find out which foods were ‘good’ and which were ‘bad’ for our teeth. Later, we dressed up as dentists, looked closely at each other’s teeth and took home a new toothbrush too!

LQ: Can I learn about eating healthy eating and how to have a balanced diet? 

Key Stage 2 pupils had a fantastic afternoon, learning how to have a balanced diet and learning about the key food groups. A 'Ready, Steady, Cook' Interactive Challenge was created with Chartwells. Four pupils worked in two separate teams to create two healthy and nutritious meals... in 15 minutes! It was a great afternoon with critiques from our audience members and tasters as well!

Sticker Day Campaign

Stanford takes road safety very seriously. Pupils, Parish Councillors, Governors, staff and parents support our Sticker Day’  campaign. Pupils are encouraged to make healthy choices to walk, ride a bike or scoot to school every day. This help develop a healthier life style and also helps reduce traffic congestion in and around school. Pupils receive a sticker in recognition of their support. Today  207/234 pupils chose to support the event – our highest number yet!  A big thank you to all involved.

LQ: Is the Internet safe? Is the internet a good thing? Is it always right to put your opinion online?  

As part of our deeper questioning focus in Barley Class, we posed the following questions: Is the internet safe? Is the internet a good thing? Is it always right to put your opinion online? Pupils created posters of their thoughts and opinions and then discussed these questions in small groups. There were some very powerful discussions from each pupil.

Internet Safety Week

As part of Internet Safety Week we are developing our deeper thinking skills. We posed the question "Is the Internet Safe?" We discussed as a class the positives and negatives of the Internet and chose the ones we thought were the best.

How safe is the internet?

Mustard Class were involved in a debate relating to 'How safe is the internet?'  There were some very interesting and profound questions posed by the children, which were then answered by some of their peers.  The children definitely showed their understanding of using the Internet safely.  Well done Mustard Class!


Azem told Sunflower class all about how he and his family celebrate their special festival called Eid-Ul-Adha. He showed the children his special clothes, demonstrated how he prays on his prayer mat and then gave everyone a chocolate! The class wished him 'Happy Eid!'


Seedlings Class have celebrated Eid-Al-Adha this week. Mrs Feghia and Mrs Harib came to talk to Seedlings class. We were shown a prayer mat and how to kneel and pray. Mrs Feghia showed us the writing in a special book called The Quran and how to wear a hijab. Awis even brought a chocolate for everyone too. 'Happy Eid to everyone'.


We had two days to experience and learn about Indian Culture and the Festival of Diwali. Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

'Stanford in Action' evening

Our presentation

Download Powerpoint

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Breakfast Club

Year 4 Mustard Class power point presentation in school morning assembly.

Breakfast Club Launch

We launched the Stanford Breakfast Club on Wednesday 3rd June. The children enjoyed a short zumba  routine followed by a breakfast of smoothy, cereal and toast.  The press arrived to capture the fun and pictures can be found in the Telegraph.

Please click on the pictures below to make them larger.