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Presentation of work

At Stanford we recognise that handwriting is an important life skill. Children's ability to write fluently depends on a good foundation of taught handwriting in the early years of their education. We believe that neat, well-formed handwriting and neat presentation of written work helps to raise standards. We feel that neat, well-formed handwriting helps pupils take more pride in their own work and develops a sense of ownership of their work.  As a school we adopt the cursive method of handwriting.


Cursive writing is an integral part of the multisensory technique enabling pupils to make the automatic symbol-sound relationship for spelling.

It aids the left to right movements through each word across the page. It will eventually help them to increase the speed of their writing.

It enables pupils to the pen from the paper. Thus it helps sequencing and prevents reversals, inversions and omissions.

It aids legibility, especially for those with motor and spatial difficulties, providing a motor training programme.


  1. To raise standards of presentation across the school.
  2. To have a consistent approach across all Key Stages when teaching handwriting and presentation of work throughout the school.
    • Children achieve a neat, legible style with correctly formed letters in cursive handwriting.
    • Children develop fluency and speed
    • To encourage children to take pride in their work.
  3. To promote confidence and self-esteem.
    • To display neatly presented work around the school as a model of excellence for others to aspire to.
Key Information