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Rand Farm Trip

It was a lovely day for our school trip to Rand Farm. With packed lunches and sun hats we were ready for all the activities.

First, we went to the hatchery and held the new chicks, then it was off to feed the goats, lambs and cows. After that we went to hold the rabbits and guinea pigs which were very ticklish! Next, we all headed to feed the calves their bottles of milk!

Lunch time gave us a bit of a rest before we went to the shop and a play in the soft play barn. Then it was time to see the cows being milked and before heading towards the tractor for ride in the trailer to see alpacas, horses and French cows in the field. Finally, we had a fun time at the outdoor play area before climbing onto the coach to come home.

Thank you to everyone who made our trip possible. What a fun and busy day.